Complete Staple Diets for Sugar Gliders

You may be asking yourself, is Exotic Nutrition's Glider Complete Food Starter Package (feeding Glider Complete pellets along with soft Instant-HPW) really a complete diet? What does "complete" mean?
If your question is "can I feed this, and this only", then the answer is yes and no. There are two primary theories in feeding exotic animals, thrive or survive. We here at Exotic Nutrition will always recommend you let your pet thrive, rather than just survive. This means feeding a complete staple diet (Glider Complete + Instant-HPW), along with a variety of supplements (fruitsvegetablesinsects, gumsnectars, eucalyptus, flowers). Read more: Adding Variety To Your Sugar Glider's Diet.
Feeding a complete staple diet on its own, gives your sugar gliders all the high-quality nutrients needed, and will let your sugar gliders survive. This complete staple diet is very economical, as well as easy to prepare and feed. This is a simple diet plan that your sugar glides will enjoy eating and keep them healthy. Read more: Exotic Nutrition Foods for Sugar Gliders.
But feeding this high-quality staple diet, along with supplements, is more enriching for sugar gliders. Many captive exotics can get bored with the same diet every day, so by using a rotational diet (rotating the supplements) along with a complete staple diet that can be left out throughout the day and you are using a diet that will help your sugar gliders thrive, and not just survive. Read more: Recommendations for Sugar Glider Foods & Basic Feeding Guide.
If an Exotic Nutrition diet (Glider CompletePremium Sugar Glider DietSugar Glider Diet with Papaya & Eucalyptus) is making up at least 75% of your sugar glider's diet, additional vitamins are not necessary, because Exotic Nutrition diets already have added vitamins and minerals. If the Exotic Nutrition diet becomes less than 75% of your sugar glider's diet, you will need to add Glider-Cal (calcium supplement) and Glider Booster (multivitamin) to be sure your sugar glider is getting the nutrients it needs for proper growth and development. Read more: Boosters - Why Multivitamins are Needed for Sugar Gliders.

If a company, breeder, or veterinarian has ever told you that you "MUST" feed their one specific diet for your sugar gliders to be healthy, this is absolutely not accurate information. Or another common marketing ploy is for someone to say you must use their specific vitamins, with their specific diet, and can not mix and match or stray outside of their diet plan. This is also untrue and just a tactic to get you to always buy the food they prefer, and never try other variations. Read more: Dirty Secrets About Sugar Glider Food.
There are many opinions on which foods are best for sugar gliders. We want to provide you with the necessary information to make informative decisions, and to choose what you think will be right for your gliders. We do not wish to dictate your decisions, but rather offer guidelines, answer questions, give recommendations, and provide options. We try to offer as many diet plans as possible, to satisfy everyone’s personal specifications and beliefs about what to feed their sugar gliders. We also encourage you to educate yourself using other websites, forums, and books. We do not believe in companies who tell you to only read what they write themselves. Read more: Veterinarian's Opinion on a Sugar Glider's Diet.
You can view a list of all of the institutions using our products here. These are time-tested diets, thousands of sugar gliders worldwide have lived long, healthy lives when fed Exotic Nutrition diets, you can rely on our 20 years of experience. Read more: What Should I Feed My Sugar Glider?


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