Expectation of Damage Policy

Cages are packaged in custom boxes with multiple layers of bubble wrap to ensure safe arrival. That being said, oversized packages are extremely difficult to handle and unfortunately they are prone to minor damage on occasion.

Customers who purchase an Exotic Nutrition cage are agreeing to the Expectation of Damage Policy. This policy entails that the customer is aware of the possibility of minor damage, with no expectation of compensation. This policy is common in the industry of bulk-shipments and deemed reasonable. This policy is in the terms and conditions at checkout, which every customer checks to proceed with order placement.

Expectation of Damage
Cages that arrive with minor damage will not be refunded in full or part. For cages that arrive with more severe damage, we will do everything we can to resolve any issues. If there are any parts that are severely damaged, replacement parts will be sent. If a customer refuses replacement parts, we will set up a Damage Claim Inspection with FedEx in which they will go to the customer's house to inspect and most likely retrieve for return/refund. Severe damage is outlined below. Any damage that is less than those details described, would be considered minor damage in which no partial refund is made.
Severe damage entails:
  • Cage panels or pieces that are dented in a way that they cannot be inserted into their place
  • Cage wires being stripped from weld or being bent 0.5" or more
  • Pieces not connecting together make the cage unsecured