No-Mess Press N' Slide Feed Station with Dome

$21.79 $15.95

Exotic Nutrition's No Mess Press N' Slide Feed Station design makes feeding incredibly easy. Simply press the button on the attachment and dish slides out from holder- cleaning and refilling your pets dish has never been so easy! Secure locking bowl eliminates spills and messes. Fits any wire cage, simple no-tool assembly. Chew resistant and stain resistant.

  • Non-Toxic & Dishwasher Safe (Top Rack Only)
  • Removable Dish with Easy-to-Use Locking Cage Attachment
  • Fastens to Cage Bars for Safe and Secure Mounting During Use
  • Designed for Small Climbing Animals or Birds with Wire Cages

Measures: 6" wide x 4.75" long x 2" tall (6.5" tall dome). Opening has a 2" diameter. Holds 8 fl oz.

-Unscrew Locking Cage Attachment
-Hold Feed Dish at Desired Position Inside Cage and Align Twist Cap From the Outside of Cage
-With Cage Wire Between Feed Dish and Twist Cap, Screw Twist Cap Into Dish Until Completely Tightened
-Ensure Twist Cap is Fastened, Then Fill Dish
-To Remove Bowl, Press Button and Slide Bowl Upwards. When Re-Attaching, Ensure Button "Clicks" to Ensure Bowl is Locked in Place

Customer Reviews

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This makes a big difference in helping to keep my cage clean. - Tia W.

Bonita S

Love this! Before getting one of these my suggies made an awful mess now the food stays inside the bowl and there’s no mess!


Super easy to clean and avoids wasting food due to lid. My suggies love it! -Cassandra T.


I probably should have got just the bottom... The top seems a little small. Had to remove it so my hedgehog would not get her head stuck in it. -Nancy H.


This has been a nice, no mess option, for my sugar gliders. They had open food bowls before and would waste a lot of their food. Easy to install and take off the top to refill pellets. Dishwasher safe!! -Sandy H.