Pet Type
Pumice Chew Dangle
$8.95 $7.95
Exotic Nutrition's Pumice Chew Dangle is made with natural lava rock to keep teeth trimmed and worn as they chew and play. The natural lava rock material is ideal for keeping growing rodent teeth in check, and will provide hours of mental stimulation mimicking your pets natural instincts to gnaw....
Grass Ball Trio
$7.39 $6.95
Exotic Nutrition's Grass Ball Trio is a wholesome and appealing playtime chew toy made of all natural materials that is safe for your pet to chew. Watch as your pet will nudge, nibble, and chew this fun toy which helps alleviate cage boredom. Promotes clean and healthy teeth while satisfying...
Star Forage Cup
$9.95 $8.69
Exotic Nutrition's Star Forage Cup is the perfect additional to any small animal cage. This single clear cup can hold dried fruit, insects, yogurt drops or any other treat while the colorful star on top helps encourage foraging activities. Suggested for sugar gliders, birds, squirrels, marmosets and other small animals....
Hay Barbells
$5.49 $4.95
Exotic Nutrition's Hay Barbells are an easy-to-feed healthy treat for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other small animals! Natural grass & flowers bundles are connected to an apple tree branch for tasty fun! These high-fiber, low-fat sticks help to support digestive health and dental hygiene.
• Made from real apple...
Doors & Drawers
$19.95 $16.95
Exotic Nutrition's Doors & Drawers Treat Forager is an interactive toy that makes your pet work for treats! Drop small treats into the drawers and the door openings and let your pet figure out how to get them out. Your pet will open the drawers and reach through to move...
Willow Bundle
$5.95 $4.79
Exotic Nutrition's Willow Bundle is the perfect playtime chew that your small pets will love! Just put in your pets cage and they will be drawn to these for a good chewing time. Suggested for rabbits, guinea pigs, prairie dogs, chinchillas, degus, rats and other chewing animals.
• Made out...
Crystal Clear Water Bottle
$4.29 $3.99
Thirsty critters can drink their fill with Exotic Nutrition's Crystal Clear Water Bottle. The extra wide mouth makes it easy to fill and clean. A stainless steel, double ball-point tube and special silicone seal keeps the water in the bottle, not in your pet’s bedding. BPA-free plastic delivers safe drinking...
Stainless Steel Fruit Skewer
$8.95 $7.89
Exotic Nutrition's Stainless Steel Fruit Skewer is great for serving fruits, vegetables, and any other foods to your pet. Prevent waste of your pet shoveling items out of a food dish by making them eating from a skewer. Encourage your pet to eat naturally "off of the vine" by using...
Quick & Clean Instant Shampoo
$7.95 $6.95
Kaytee Quick & Clean Instant Shampoo is a specifically formulated no-rinse shampoo that gently loosens dirt, dissolve oils, and deodorizes your pet's skin and coat, leaving your furry friend smelling fresh. The simple to use spray is ideal for Hamsters, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, or other small animals.
• Non-irritating, leave-on...
Push & Play Toy
$7.98 $5.39
Exotic Nutrition's Push & Play Small Animal Toy is designed to roll easily, encouraging exercise and mental stimulation for your small pet. Small pets are curious and love to exploring new toys within their habitat. Hint: Place treats or dried insects inside the end sections and watch your critter roll...
Willow Ball
$5.39 $4.69
Exotic Nutrition's NEW Willow Ball is a wholesome and appealing playtime chew toy made of all natural willow that is safe for your pet to chew. Watch as your pet will nudge, nibble, and chew this fun toy which helps alleviate cage boredom. Suggested for rabbits, guinea pigs, prairie dogs,...
Treetop Tower
$9.59 $7.79
Exotic Nutrition's Treetop Tower offers pets endless fun while providing a good way to ease stress and prevent boredom. The unique design is sure to keep your pet happy and healthy while interacting with the different wooden blocks, acorn shells, willow balls, and pine cones. This cage accessory is just...
Press N' Slide Feeding Station
$14.49 $10.95
Exotic Nutrition's Press N' Slide Feeding Station design makes feeding incredibly easy. Simply press the button on the attachment and dish slides out from holder- cleaning and refilling your pets dish has never been so easy! Secure locking bowl eliminates spills and messes. Fits any wire cage, simple no-tool assembly....
Mineral Perch
$9.95 $7.95
Exotic Nutrition's Mineral Perch is a cholla wood perch coated with natural minerals that contain vital nutrients. The mineral infused wood will provide hours of chewing (and grinding down growing teeth) along with supplying calcium and other minerals to your pet. Simply bolt to side of cage (all hardware included)....
Smellin' Good
$7.99 $6.95
Smellin' Good is a pleasantly scented and super safe spray solution that helps control odors in the cage, on the pet, and around the home. Now you can pamper your pet with this pleasant aroma and refresh its home with the scent of baby powder every time you use Smellin'...
Ramp Cover
$9.29 $8.79
This soft fleece Ramp Cover slides over cage ramps and ladders to help pets with sensitive feet. Attached to wired ramps with velcro strip (inside) for more durability.
• Approximate Size: 16" x 6.5"
• Machine washable, air dry
• Compatible with Exotic Nutrition's Mansion Cages.