Vitakraft Cage Liners

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Vitakraft Super-Absorbent Cage Liners make it easier than ever to keep your small pet's cage tidy and clean. A super-absorbent inner layer wicks away moisture and odor, so the soft, quilted surface stay sanitary and dry. While the leak-proof bottom layer keeps wet waste from soiling the tray. Then, when it's cage-cleaning time, simply fold the liner up and toss it away. Vitakraft Super-Absorbent Cage Liners won't get yucky and soggy like newspaper, virtually eliminates cage odor, and keeps your pet's home sanitary and healthy.

  • Super absorbent inner layer, leak proof bottom layer
  • When the liner is soiled, simply fold the liner up and toss it away
  • Virtually eliminates cage odor, keeps your pet's home sanitary and healthy
  • Contains: 7 liners (18" x 20")

Instructions: Trim to fit cage tray, if necessary. Place liner underneath wire grate, shiny side down. Replace when soiled. NEVER USE IN CAGES WITHOUT WIRE OR MESH GRATE OVER WASTE AREA.

Materials: Cardboard / Paper

Manufacturer: Vitakraft Sunseed, Inc., Bowling Green, Ohio

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