Pet Type
Garden Fresh Re-Hydrate 10 oz
$13.95 $10.79
ZooPro Garden Fresh Re-Hydrate makes it easy to add a variety of healthy fruits & vegetables to your pet’s diet! This nutritious blend includes figs, papaya, green beans, cabbage, squash, apple and carrots. Critters love the taste of Garden Fresh Re-Hydrate...the perfect blend of natural flavors and nourishing ingredients!
Berries & Bugs Sugar Glider Food & Hedgehog Food
$18.29 $15.95
Berries & Bugs is a nutritious food for insectivores that contains gut loaded insect larva, grains and berries. This diet is formulated specifically for insectivorous mammals such as sugar gliders, hedgehogs, skunks, opossums as well as some bird species.
• 100% natural - no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
Premium Insectivore Diet Sugar Glider & Hedgehog Food
$16.95 $14.95
Exotic Nutrition's Premium Insectivore Diet is a high quality CHICKEN-BASED protein diet suitable for all kinds of insectivores. Includes animal-based protein (chicken) along with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids that provide balanced nutrition to a wide variety of insectivores.
• These are easy to feed sticks, 3/4 inch long x 1/8...
Insectivore-Fare 3 lb
$32.95 $29.95
NOTICE: We regret to inform you that we will be discontinuing the production of Insectivore-Fare due to the unavailability of essential ingredients. We hope you will consider one of our other insectivore diets such as Berries & Bugs Diet or Premium Insectivore Diet. 
Insectivore-fare is a high quality soft diet, designed...
ZooPro Hedgehog Essential Hedgehog Food
$17.69 $15.95
ZooPro Hedgehog Essential hedgehog food is a highly palatable meat based high protein food with nutrient-rich whole eggs, chicken & whole dried insects along with the proper vitamins and mineral levels to form a nutritionally balanced food. The crunchy texture helps to keep your hedgehog's teeth clean and healthy. Hedgehog...
Hedgehog Complete Hedgehog Food
$16.29 $14.95
Exotic Nutrition Hedgehog Complete hedgehog food is an animal-based protein pellet fortified with vitamins and minerals, then blended with delicious dried mealworms. This diet is scientifically formulated to meet your hedgehog's vitamin, mineral, amino acid, fiber, and digestive enzyme needs. Hedgehog Complete incorporates high meat-based proteins along with fresh grains...
Giant Live Mealworms
$13.95 $11.95
Fresh, healthy, fat feeder worms delivered direct to your door!
Size: Giant (1+ inch long)
If temperatures are below freezing we strongly recommend opting for an expedited (1-2 day) shipping service. 
Live Mealworm Guarantee: Worms are insured if FedEx Priority Overnight shipping service is selected at checkout and the package is received upon delivery. If overnight shipping is not selected at checkout, the customer...
Canned Caterpillars
$8.69 $7.95
Exotic Nutrition's canned insects are a convenient way to incorporate quality protein into your pet's diet. The insects have been 'cooked in the can' to maintain their nutritional value, flavor, and aroma. Cooking process also softens exoskeleton of the insect for easier digestion. Offer multiple types of canned insects for...
Bug Blend
$11.19 $5.99
New & Improved version of Insect Blend Exotic Nutrition's Dried Bug Blend Treat combines 3 favorite dried insects (Crickets, Mealworms & Grasshoppers) into one package for easy feeding. Insects are frozen, then freeze dried to maintain their nutritional value. A great source for protein and they store for a year...
Fresh Feeders
$11.95 $7.99
Exotic Nutrition's Fresh Feeders provide freshly packaged moist insects that are sterilized (cooked) then packaged in convenient pouches for your easy feeding. Farm-raised, all-natural insects contain no preservatives and are easily digested. Each box contains six individual pouches that can be re-sealed (bag clip included) for easy storage. Ideal supplemental...
Groovy Grasshoppers
$9.95 $7.99
Exotic Nutrition's Groovy Grasshoppers Treat (40 g.) are gut-loaded dried grasshoppers that are first frozen, then freeze dried to maintain their nutritional value. A great source for protein ... and they store for a year or longer without refrigeration. Excellent for Sugar Gliders, Hedgehogs, Wild Birds, Chickens, Turtles, Tropical fish,...
Hedgehog Starter Pack
$58.95 $53.99
Exotic Nutrition's Hedgehog Starter Package comes with five essentials you need to care for your new pet hedgehog - food, vitamins, treats, hideout, and exercise wheel. Just add Dishes & Bottles, and Bedding, and you are all set! Ships for free!

• (Cage Attachment, AutoClean Track, & Sandy...
Hedgehog Treat Sampler
$37.11 $29.95
Spoil your Hedgehog with the Treat Sampler -  Five popular hedgehog favorites including the Treat Variety Pack, Fresh Feeder Crickets, EZ-Worms, Canned Mealworms, and Wax Snax. Try all these hedgehog favorites to learn what your pet likes best, or maybe they'll all be a favorite! You save $8 when purchasing...
Hedgehog Treat Variety Pack
$14.95 $11.95
This Hedgehog Treat Variety Pack contains protein-rich dried insects along with nutritious fruits and vegetables. Your Hedgehog will love this tasty treat made with 5 favorites - dried mealworms, dried soldier fly larvae, dried beetles, dried apples, and dried carrots. This healthy snack ensures your Hedgehog receives a variety of...
Hedgie Bugs & Veggie
$5.95 $4.29
Exotic Nutrition's Critter Selects Hedgie Bugs & Veggie is a blend of popular hedgehog flavors, all in one easy-to-serve treat! The nutritious mix of dried mealworms, dried crickets, peas, carrots, and apple can be sprinkled on top of the regular diet, or place them in a foraging toy to increase...
Mealworm Munchies
$6.95 $5.49
Exotic Nutrition's Mealworm Munchies Treat contains natural, farm-raised dried mealworms that provide an excellent protein source for your pets. Mealworms are frozen, then freeze dried to maintain their nutritional value. A great source for protein and they store for a year or longer without refrigeration. Excellent for Sugar Gliders, Hedgehogs,...