Pet Type
Garden Fresh Re-Hydrate 10 oz
$13.95 $10.79
ZooPro Garden Fresh Re-Hydrate makes it easy to add a variety of healthy fruits & vegetables to your pet’s diet! This nutritious blend includes figs, papaya, green beans, cabbage, squash, apple and carrots. Critters love the taste of Garden Fresh Re-Hydrate...the perfect blend of natural flavors and nourishing ingredients!
Pumpkin Seeds
$10.95 $8.79
Pumpkin Seeds are a delicious, nutritious snack for birds, rodents, and other smaller small mammals. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids, our pumpkin seeds provide joint health benefits and a glossy fur coat. No sodium, no sugar. Feed your pet this wholesome treat and give them the boost of...
Timothy Hay Cubes
$5.79 $4.79
Exotic Nutrition's Timothy Hay Cubes are a natural, low-fat, low calcium treat. Because Timothy Hay is lower in calcium, it may decrease the likelihood of urinary tract problems. High quality hay is an excellent source of fiber and aids the natural digestive process. In addition, Timothy Hay helps wear down...
KayTee Timothy Hay
$7.95 $7.95
Kaytee timothy hay is hand selected to ensure the long fiber strands and proper leaf to stem ratio to support digestive health. Kaytee timothy hay is grown in the ideal ecological location for moisture and climate control and is then stored in a protected environment to ensure the quality and...
Timothy Hay Plus Marigolds 24 oz.
$10.95 $9.49
24 oz. Marigold Timothy Hay is harvested from the high elevations of the Columbian River basin - an environment with the perfect combination of dry days and cool nights. Experts, who have been farming since the 1920's, hand select hay from the second cutting to ensure the proper ratio of...
Rodent Blocks
$7.69 $5.95
Exotic Nutrition Rodent Blocks are formulated to provide the nutrients required for growth and maintenance for most rodents including rats, mice, hamsters, and guinea pigs. Also, ideal for supplying optimum nutrition to pet squirrels and degus. Nutritionally complete and balanced food.
Healthy treats have several benefits for both pets and...
Raw Almonds
$8.49 $7.95
Exotic Nutrition's almonds are grown in sunny California. These nuts make a healthy snack for your pet that’s packed with protein, fiber, calcium, zinc, and antioxidants. Note that these are raw, unsalted, and have no shell. Ideal for Squirrels and other nut-eating mammals.
Premium Nut Mix
$8.95 $8.29
Ready to feed, premium nut mix! These unroasted & unsalted raw no shell nuts provide great variety and nutrition for squirrels and other small animals. Suggested for Grey Squirrels, Ground Squirrels, and Flying Squirrels. Also great for Parrots!
INGREDIENTS: walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds
Raw Walnuts
$4.79 $5.95
Exotic Nutrition's raw english walnuts make a healthy snack for your pet that’s packed with omega-3 essential fatty acids. Note that these are raw, no-shell and unsalted.
Raw Hazelnuts
$5.79 $4.95
Hazelnuts (raw, no shell) are a delicious, healthy treat for squirrels, flyers, rats, mice, hamsters, and exotic pets.
INGREDIENTS: Raw Hazelnuts / no shell
Healthy treats have several benefits for both pets and pet owners. Treats can lend variety to an otherwise monotonous diet, provide good exercise for teeth and jaws,...
Giant Live Mealworms
$13.95 $11.95
Fresh, healthy, fat feeder worms delivered direct to your door!
Size: Giant (1+ inch long)
If temperatures are below freezing we strongly recommend opting for an expedited (1-2 day) shipping service. 
Live Mealworm Guarantee: Worms are insured if FedEx Priority Overnight shipping service is selected at checkout and the package is received upon delivery. If overnight shipping is not selected at checkout, the customer...
Apple Sticks
$7.95 $5.95
Exotic Nutrition's NEW Apple Sticks are an all-natural chew treat made of natural apple wood! These sticks prevent boredom and help keep your pet's teeth trimmed and clean. Simple offer a few sticks daily to satisfy your pet's instinct to chew. For guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, degus, prairie dogs and...
Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae
$4.69 $3.19
Exotic Nutrition's Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) combine beneficial animal protein with nutrient enrichment. The farm-raised black soldier fly larvae have become one of the most popular dried insect options due to their high calcium content in comparison to other insects. Ideal for Hedgehogs, Sugar Gliders, Reptiles, Fish, and other...
Calendula Flower Treat
$4.95 $4.19
Organic dried Calendula flowers, from the Calendula plant. Flowers are a tasty and healthy supplementary food because they have a low energy content, but contain plenty of fiber which makes them the ideal treat for your pet. Dried flowers are a favorite food of herbivores like Degus, Prairie Dogs, Chinchillas,...
Chew Stack
$13.95 $9.99
Exotic Nutrition's Chew Stack offers pets endless fun while providing a good way to ease stress and prevent boredom. This Jungle Canopy Toy's unique design is sure to keep your pet happy and healthy while interacting with the different wooden blocks, cylinders and cubes.
• Primarily comprised of natural...
Chew Sticks with Carrot
$7.95 $6.39
Provide your pet with a fun and tasty treat loaded with natural and healthy ingredients. Exotic Nutrition Munchers Chew Sticks with Carrot are ready-to-feed stick treats made with an assortment of high-quality grains such as barley and oatmeal to satisfy your companion’s love for natural and crunchy goodness! Each stick...