Pet Type
Celebration Basket
$6.95 $5.39
The NativeCritter Celebration Basket is the perfect way to make any occasion special for your pet. This chew basket is designed to nurture natural chewing and playing behaviors in small animals. It's crafted with safe and natural materials, making it ideal for keeping your pet's teeth healthy and properly worn....
Celebration Cupcake
$7.95 $4.99
Celebrate special occasions with your pet with the NativeCritter Celebration Cupcake! Made with natural materials, it encourages healthy chewing and play behaviors, supports teeth health, and can be paired with other Timothy-based chews for added texture. Make sure to offer a variety of Enriched Life chews and engagement items to...
$7.99 $7.49
Exotic Nutrition's Tri-Hoop offers pets a fun, acrobatic experience. This Jungle Canopy Toy provides three different interactive hoops that is perfect for cages with multiple animals. This toy is primarily comprised of American grown cotton rope and animal-safe hardware. Colored with animal-safe food coloring. Connects easily to cage with one...
$13.49 $12.79
Exotic Nutrition's Swinger cage accessory offers pets a rugged & textured landscape to walk, climb, or hang from. This colorful Jungle Canopy Toy promotes hours of physical play that is sure to keep your pet happy and healthy.
• Primarily comprised of animal-safe wood and hardware.
• Colored with animal-safe...
Barbell with Rings
$5.69 $4.49
Exotic Nutrition's Barbell with Rings toy is made from all natural wood - perfect for play and fun time. Critters will nudge, nibble, play and roll helping relieve cage boredom. Suggested for sugar gliders, hedgehogs and other non-chewing animals. Exact product color and design may vary from pictured product. This...
Rope Climbing Net
$21.95 $17.95
Exotic Nutrition's NEW Rope Climbing Net offers pets endless opportunities for climbing fun within the cage. This toy provides enrichment while keeping your pet engaged.
• Primarily comprised of cotton rope and animal-safe hardware and colored with animal-safe food coloring.
• Connects easily to wire cage bars with plastic...
Boa Fleece Climber
$23.95 $21.95
The Exotic Nutrition Boa Fleece Climber offers your pet endless opportunities for climbing fun within the cage. This pet-safe toy provides exercise while keeping your pet engaged with mental stimulation. Connect the boa to the sides or roof of the cage to offer different opportunities for climbing and fun.
Pom Pom Jumper
$16.95 $13.95
The Exotic Nutrition Pom Pom Jumper! Offer your pet endless opportunities for playful fun within their cage. The 20-Inch-long stretchy nylon rope (stretches to 30 inches) is connected to a 5-Inch diameter fleece ball. This pet-safe toy provides lots of exercise while keeping your pet engaged and mentally stimulated. Connect...
Pom-Pom Play Balls
$4.95 $3.99
These Pom-Pom Play Balls are a super fun activity for your pet sugar glider or other small animal. Place the play balls inside the cage, in a ball pit, or throw them around for your pet to chase. Your furry friend will be sure to have a blast with the...
Native Dumbbell
$6.95 $5.95
Exotic Nutrition's Native Dumbbell toy is made from all natural wood - perfect for play and fun time. Critters will nudge, nibble, play and roll helping relieve cage boredom. Place on the floor of the cage or hang using the included locking clip. Suggested for rabbits, guinea pigs, prairie dogs,...
Orbiter Play Gym
$18.95 $16.95
Exotic Nutrition's Orbiter Play Gym provides fun play for Sugar gliders, Flying Squirrels, Degus, Birds and other small animals.
Measurements: Approximately: 6 inches across
All captive animals require toys to provide entertainment in the cage, especially when left alone for extended periods. It is imperative for mental and physical...
Crazy Legs Toy
$5.79 $4.69
Exotic Nutrition's Crazy Legs Toy is an interactive cage accessory for all pets. Allows pets to grab, push or swing the toy to activate the ringing bell. Suggested for sugar gliders, birds, flying squirrels, marmosets, and other small animals.
• Hangs from the top of the cage (hardware included)
Corn Hammock
$7.79 $6.95
Exotic Nutrition's Corn Hammock is the perfect 2-in-1 accessory for not only play, but also relaxation. Watch your pet climb up and down the rugged rope with colorful beads that the hammock hangs from, and play with the shiny pacifiers at the top. Your animal can swing around in the...
Forage Cup With Beads
$7.29 $6.69
Exotic Nutrition's Forage Cup With Beads is a great enrichment toy for all pets. The lid covering the cup has holes for your pet to see and smell the tantalizing food/treats you put inside...intriguing them to find a way to open it. Along with colorful, shiny beads that turn along...
Grass Ball Trio
$7.39 $6.95
Exotic Nutrition's Grass Ball Trio is a wholesome and appealing playtime chew toy made of all natural materials that is safe for your pet to chew. Watch as your pet will nudge, nibble, and chew this fun toy which helps alleviate cage boredom. Promotes clean and healthy teeth while satisfying...
Star Forage Cup
$9.95 $8.69
Exotic Nutrition's Star Forage Cup is the perfect additional to any small animal cage. This single clear cup can hold dried fruit, insects, yogurt drops or any other treat while the colorful star on top helps encourage foraging activities. Suggested for sugar gliders, birds, squirrels, marmosets and other small animals....