Safe Fabrics for Sugar Gliders

Sugar Gliders are climbing animals, and some very important tools for this activity are their nails. Sugar Gliders nails are more important in the wild, where they climb on trees, but as domesticated pets they don't rely as strongly on them to climb.

Even as domesticated pets, it is a very important aspect of your sugar gliders health you should pay attention to. As a their owner, you should know the risks of having nails grow out too far. It is important to trim your Sugar Gliders nails on a regular basis because  they can get easily snagged on fabrics, not to mention scratch and hurt you if your sugar glider climbs on you. If your glider gets snagged on fabric or string, it can cause injury to its foot. 

On the contrary, even if you regularly trim your gliders nails, there are certain fabrics you should avoid to prevent injury.  It is best to avoid fabrics such as cotton, or flannel, which can rip easily or fray and expose loose fibers. If any string or fiber gets wrapped around your gliders toe, it could cut off circulation. Good fabrics to use would be denim or anti-pill fleece. These are best because the fabric is woven so small/tightly they will keep from fraying for a very long time (especially if washed frequently and correctly) and makes it very hard for your Sugar glider's nails to get stuck.

More about Anti-Pill/Fabric choices:

  • Extra thick and fluffy fleece can get nails caught in it.
  • You don't want any fleece that is too stretchy or thin. If you can see through it, then it’s too thin.
  • Anti-pill fleece goes through an added process to make it pill less, but even anti-pill fleece will pill with repeated uses, especially if drying it in the dryer.
  • All fleece pills eventually, wash/dry regularly and correctly and it will last longest

Cleaning Fleece

  • The more they're laid on/rubbed against without cleaning off the urine/food bits, etc. that's inevitably stuck to them, the more they pill.
  • Washing them MORE frequently(on gentle/cold cycle and air drying) helps the most.
  • Air drying instead of in the dryer will reduce pilling

Other Fabric

  • The important thing with fabric choices is how it is sewn and to check your bedding daily for wear and tear.
  • Denim is a great choice for heavy chewers and diggers
  • High quality cotton and flannel is safe if sewn correctly (double layered, hidden seams)

Our Nest Pouches / Fleece Accessories

    • Made of soft polar fleece material that stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer
    • Provides maximum comfort and breathability
    • Double layered with hidden seams
    • Wipe product clean with a soft, damp cloth or machine-wash as needed. Wash in cold water on gentle cycle then air dry.


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