Heating Set (Lamp + Heat Emitter 75W)

$26.95 $23.95

Exotic Nutrition's Heating Set includes a 75 Watt Heat Emitter, Goose-neck adjustable lamp with clip-on attachement, on/off switch, ceramic socket and dome reflector. Ideal for small animals, reptiles and birds. Perfect 24 hour heat source, The porcelain heat Emitter screws into the ceramic incandescent socket, giving off stable "muscle penetrating" infrared heat, while emitting no light. Simply clip to exterior of cage and face the dome reflector into cage. Our heat emitters last up to 5 years. Dome reflector color is black with reflective silver interior.


  • Porcelain socket
  • Flat-Faced Heat Emitter (more efficient and longer lasting)
  • Goose-neck adjustable lamp with reflector
  • Built-in on/off switch.

Instructions: Clip fixture to exterior of cage preferably toward the top of the cage facing down. Minimum distance betwwen heat emitter and exterior of cage should be 4 inches.

Warning: Maximum wattage for this lamp is 250 W. Keep electrical wires on exterior of cage away from reach of your pets.