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Baby Squirrel Nursing Set
$21.95 $24.95
Hand raising a baby squirrel? The Baby Squirrel Nursing Set includes essentials such as milk replacer, syringes and nipples. is a powdered formula that mixed with water to form a complete food source for orphaned or rejected baby animals, as well as pregnant females. Formulated to closely match mother's milk in protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Provides foundation of nutrients for...
Wonder Nipple & Syringe Set
$3.95 $5.95
Exotic Nutrition Wonder Nipple nursing sets contain superior quality O-Ring syringes along with soft flexible silicone Wonder Nipple(s). Ideal for feeding baby Squirrels, Rabbits, Racoons (expanded set), Sugar gliders, Hedgehogs and other smaller baby mammals. • Includes: 1mL Slip-Tip O-Ring Syringe, 3mL Luer Tip O-Ring Syringe, Wonder Nipple Regular.
• Multi-use (with proper cleaning)
• Slip-Tip syringe can be...
Wonder Nipple
$8.95 $13.39
Wonder Nipples are soft flexible silicone nursing nipples that fit most 1 mL, 3 mL and 5 mL Luer-Tip Syringes and 1 mL and 3 mL Slip-Tip Syringes along with most baby animal nursing bottles.
• Soft, flexible nursing nipple.
• Available in two sizes: Standard and Large.
• Both sizes fit most 1 mL, 3 mL, and 5 mL...
Specialty Milk Replacer
$14.99 $16.99
Quick & easy powdered milk replacement formula is a complete food source for orphaned or rejected baby animals, as well as pregnant females. Formulated to closely match mother's milk in protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Provides foundation of nutrients for strong development. Enriched with high-quality protein sources, vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids. Easily digestible and highly palatable. Produces better weight...
O-Ring Syringes
$3.59 $5.39
Exotic Nutrition's O-Ring Syringes are of superior quality with EZ-Glide O-ring silicone gaskets that are super smooth and glide easily. • O-Rings are all latex free, and made with 100% pure Silicone
• Slip-Tip style syringes can be used with or without Nipples.
• Luer-Tip style syringes must be used with silicone or latex nipples (sold separate)
• Nipples fit all...
Calming Glove
$12.49 $18.69
Exotic Nutrition's Calming Glove is a great tool to use for all small animals. Whether you are hand-feeding a baby, or trying to snip your pet's nails, or simply wanting to handle your fur friend without getting scratched/bit - this glove will help! Pets can become quite frightened when a large unknown object (your hand) is reaching into their territory,...
Heating Set (Lamp + Heat Emitter 75W)
$23.95 $26.95
Exotic Nutrition's Heating Set includes a 75 Watt Heat Emitter, Goose-neck adjustable lamp with clip-on attachement, on/off switch, ceramic socket and dome reflector. Ideal for small animals, reptiles and birds. Perfect 24 hour heat source, The porcelain heat Emitter screws into the ceramic incandescent socket, giving off stable "muscle penetrating" infrared heat, while emitting no light. Simply clip to exterior...
Pet Warming Pad (Heat Pad) 20 Watt
$15.95 $16.95
Exotic Nutrition's Pet Warming Pad provides a controlled heating area with balanced temperature distribution to add warmth for your pet. The low wattage is safe for direct touch contact without scalding. Suitable for baby mammals, amphibians, or other non-chewing pets.
• VERSATILE: Suitable with any glass or metal cage.
• FUNCTIONAL: Provides ideal 24-hour heat for regulating daily activity,...
Ceramic Heat Emitter
$8.59 $10.95
The Exotic Nutrition Ceramic Heat Emitter is a radiant heat source that emits natural infrared heat and does not produce any form of light, so you don't have to worry about affecting your pet's sleep cycle. You can use this heat emitter day and night. The main body of the ceramic heat lamp is made of porcelain, which can ensure...
Zanzibar Cage
$112.99 $122.99
Discover comfort and security with Exotic Nutrition's Zanzibar Cage! This sturdy cage boasts a chew-proof metal shelf and ramp, plus a 6.5" deep tubby base for all that bedding that's sure to stay in the cage. And there's lots of room for accessories too! Crafted with a durable plastic base and chew-proof welded steel wire, plus 1/2-inch bar spacing to keep...
Rock Heater
$15.95 $0
These Rock Heaters are designed to duplicate the natural basking process of most small animals.
• Made of 100% hydrated rock material that is twice as strong as cement or pumice
• Provides full coverage of the rock's surface, with no "hot spots"
• Washable surface helps prevent harmful bacteria build up
• Isolated heat source will help heat...
All-Natural Nesting Material
$2.59 $3.39
Provide your pet with a cozy, fun nesting option using All-Natural Nesting Material. The fluffy dye-free material will satisfy your pet's natural burrowing instincts and give them material to build a secure nesting spot.
• Made from 100% natural Virginia-grown cotton
• Encourages natural burrowing and nesting instincts
• Made from a sustainable resource and is recyclable
• Net Weight:...
Sturdy Nest Box
$18.95 $26.67
In the wild, small animals like to burrow or nest in hollowed out areas. This box encourages natural instincts used in the wild, providing a safe & secure place to nest.
• Suggested for: grey squirrels, ground squirrels, medium-sized birds, and colonies of sugar gliders
• Mimics the natural nesting techniques exercised in the wild
• Top opens on a...
Squirrel Food Starter Package
$34.99 $39.99
New squirrel owner or just looking to change your pet's diet? Here is a complete food starter package- everything that you need to begin feeding your pet a healthy, complete diet. See individual product listings for full feeding instructions, ingredient list, storage directions, and analysis. Suggested for: Ground Squirrels, Grey Squirrels, Flying Squirrels, and Chipmunks.
is an all-natural diet...
Squirrel Booster (Multivitamin)
$9.39 $9.85
Exotic Nutrition's Squirrel Booster ensures that your squirrel is getting the vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive. Feeding a balanced diet is a priority for good health and wellbeing, and vitamin supplements can help fill any nutritional voids. If at least 75% of your squirrel's diet is Deluxe Squirrel Diet or Squirrel Complete, supplements are optional, because the pellet...
Squirrel-Cal (Calcium Supplement)
$9.29 $9.75
Exotic Nutrition's Squirrel-Cal Calcium Supplement is designed specifically for squirrels of various ages. Excellent for squirrels with lower calcium in relation to phosphorus intake.
• Produced as an ULTRA-FINE (easier) daily coating for fruits or insects.
• Helps prevent calcium deficiency and hind leg paralysis.
• Phosphorous-free.
• Net Weight: 3.5 ounces (approximately 150 servings)
Guaranteed Analysis: Calcium...