Chicken Ecstasy

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Chicken Ecstasy will drive your flock wild! We call it "ecstasy" because your chickens will become addicted to this natural and healthy rehab needed!

  • Premium blend of Red Milo, Crimped Barley, Dried Mealworms, Omega-3 rich Flax Seed and other healthy ingredients
  • All-natural feed supplement provides enrichment and encourages natural foraging behavior for chickens and other poultry
  • Natural source of protein to provide energy to support birds in cold climates
  • Packaged in a Ziploc resealable bag and shipped direct from USDA registered & inspected facility


FEEDING RECOMMENDATION: Scatter on the ground for foraging or place in a feeder. This product can be supplemented with other high-protein treats like dried mealworms or dried black soldier fly larvae to provide a balanced diet. For chicks under two weeks of age be sure they have access to grit so they can properly digest their food.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Store in a cool, dry location and avoid extreme heat and direct sunlight. Do not expose to moisture. Best when used within 90 days of opening package.

We are a leading supplier of dried insects in the USA. We are FDA approved, and provide a nutritious diet you can trust. Non GMO - no added colors, flavors, or preservatives. Inspected by the FDA, USDA, and US Fish & Wildlife.

10 oz.

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Carathers
As described

My girls loved it

Cynthia Sparacin

Good stuff

great product

This is a wonderful product that chickens love

Elizabeth East
Chicken treats

My chickens love this! I mix ot with mealworms for a nutritious treat - especially in winter when they don't get live greens.


My chickens absolutely love the chicken ecstacy not to mention the amazing low price on the meal worms too their prices are just to good to pass up!!!