Stainless Steel Feed Dish

$5.49 $4.95
  • Available Color: Silver
  • Rust-proof dish easily washes clean for daily use
  • Stainless steel is sanitary, strong, & lasts forever
  • Strong holder provides a perch for small animals while feeding
  • Bolts directly onto wired cage with holder (hardware included)

5 oz: 3 1/8" in diameter x 1 3/4" deep
10 oz: 4" in diameter x 2" deep

5 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews

A little too small with the amount of food that I have to give my Sugar Gliders -Ann H

Brandi Vega

I absolutely love these cups they are very sturdy and just the right size so I don't over feed my babies. -Brandi V.


small but just as advertised. Nice.


Bought this for my chinchilla’s water since he has a history of tossing his current water bowl when he was boarding during house construction. I’m taking a family trip soon and will board him again - so far this bowl has been perfect!

It’s a little wobbly and doesn’t tighten 100%, but it serves its purpose well! -Alexis P.

Elicia M Ross

Nice bowl, good size, and great price. However, the attachment system is wonky in how it will not allow you to install it completely flush to the cage. It is easy to install yet annoying in how you it won't tighten all the way and remain level. It is either tightened completely and the bowl won't sit level in the holder, or its slightly lose but then bowl will sit level. -Elicia M R.
[Response from Seller: Thank you for your review Elicia. We’re sorry to hear you weren't able to install the Stainless Steel Feed Dish completely flush to the cage. Please reach out to our friendly customer service team using the link at the bottom of the website to provide further details so that we can offer assistance with this. We hope to hear from you soon!]