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The Chin-Sprint is the first and only exercise wheel on the market of its kind. Durable all-metal construction, mountable, and featuring an open-faced design with extra-wide running track. A single unit of heavy-gauge steel is pressed into shape, no seams or joints to cause injury. Huge 15” diameter prevents curvature of the spin, while axle-free construction eliminates risk of tail entanglement. The rolling ball bearing engineering ensures the wheel spins smooth and quietly. Mounts to most wire cages, finished with a pet-safe powder coat. This heavy-duty wheel is complete chew-proof. Ideal for Chinchillas, Prairie Dogs, Rats, Degus, Squirrels, and other small mammals.

  • Ball bearing engineering ensures a smooth, quiet spin.
  • Durable all-metal construction mounts to all wire cages.
  • Single unit of heavy-gauge steel is pressed into shape, no seams or joints to cause injury.
  • 15” diameter prevents curvature of the spin, while axle-free construction eliminates risk of tail entanglement.
  • Finished with a pet-safe powder coat.
  • Measures: 15" diameter x 8" wide (6" wide track)

Maintenance: Make sure to keep the center cartridge with the bearings clean of debris. We suggest disassembling the wheel monthly to thoroughly clean the hardware. Do not submerge the wheel in water or soak the bearings. The bearings will wear over time depending on the usage of the wheel and the environment in which the wheel is used. We offer free replacement hardware, if needed, within 120 days of purchase. If the wheel falls outside of the warranty period, parts are available for purchase. We recommend that bearings be replaced about every 4-6 months, but again this will vary depending on usage.

Warranty: This product includes a 90-day limited warranty which covers any defects in material or workmanship, or defects that occur during normal use of the wheel. If a defect is found, the customer is responsible for contacting Exotic Nutrition, with proof of purchase. Exotic Nutrition will either provide replacement parts, repair the product, or replace the entire wheel depending on the circumstance. A replacement product or parts assume the remaining 90-days from the original purchase date of the product, they do not renew the warranty period.

Customer Reviews

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Meeshii Moo
It makes so much noise n I have top of line cage

It’s a great size but something is faulty in the build in the back … she keeps me up all night idk if it’s all wheels this is the only one I have ever had

Response from Seller: Thank you for your review. We’re sorry to hear that your product is not as expected but we’d be happy to resolve this for you. Please reach out to our friendly customer service team using the link at the bottom of the website for assistance.


Looks well-built! Can't wait to install for my Degus!

Not so great

I do like that it is made out of thick metal. So it is sturdy and chew proof. The downside though is that it's so off balance that it shakes the whole cage when a chinchilla runs on it. I put it in the cage for a total of 4 running sessions while ruling out issues with the mount or bolt in the middle. Finally, my husband pointed out that because it doesn't just keep spinning, and instead will roll back and forth until it stops, that it is either not properly mounted in the center or is heavy on one side. It is definitely not worth the money spent.


My ten 🐁 rats 🐀 and I are thrilled with our three Chin-Sprint wheels! The boys go a little slower in theirs for shorter sprints. The girls like to run a speed marathon. They all use the wheels so these things really take a beating but are holding up well. -Donald C


it is quiet if u have adequate space
had to adjust only once as to not hit the sides of the upright housing unit
this is the bigwheel any Chin should have to run properly
the smaller 13 inch wheel arches the back when chins actually hunch in nature
B0Z luvs His bigwheel and He fell asleep in it the first night
can't even hardly hear it ..... as a caution
u should supervise the first 20 minutes in !
the wheel is of excellent textile and parts however the wheel itself maintains a steady
kinetic energy and spins for several minutes after jump off with steady motion
my chin was thrown becuz He tried to get back in it but it was still spinning
it just scared Him is all that happened He luvs His bigwheel so much and I'm happy
Gonna get the flying saucer next and another bigwheel for B0Z real soon
[He has 2 houses] and a restroom. 🐭💜🐭 -Heather B