Sahara Cage

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The NativeCritter Sahara Cage offers long-term usability due to its resilient, waterproof PVC construction, eliminating the issue of pet waste seeping into wood like other cages. The ample display space with a full-length detachable acrylic front panel and ready-to-view hinged top acrylic window provide the perfect habitat for your pet.  PVC (waterproof) construction and maximized ventilation, the cage features multiple air inlets on the sides and back. Classy and polished, it is ideal for a variety of small animals.  Some assembly required. 

Small Cage:  32" Wide x 16" Deep x 18" High  (5.3 cubic feet of space) 

Large Cage: 40" Wide x 20" Deep x 21" High (9.7 cubic feet of space)

  • Sleek, polished style
  • Water-resistant PVC
  • Easy-view acrylic panels
  • Optimal ventilation (sides and back)
  • Plenty of room for exercise wheels and accessories

Ideal for: Hamsters (Robo, Syrian, Teddy Bear, Dwarf, etc.), Gerbils, Degus, Rats, Hedgehogs, Reptiles (Larger Geckos, Old World Chameleons, Iguanas), and other small animals. 

Interior illumination is optional- sold separately. Back panel has a small cut-out for a wire.

Proper cages can help reduce stress levels. Thoroughly inspect before use and inspect for damages regularly. Wipe product clean with a soft, damp cloth with soap and warm water for a more thorough washing. Try Kage Kleen- a gentle but hard working pet-safe cleaner. 


Customer Reviews

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This cage is perfect, allows for deep substrate for my hamster, nice large size, and easy to clean!

Phirany Sun
Great concept, poor material.

I love the design and concept. I converted mine into an incubator. However, when putting this together, I realized how soft and delicate the PVC material is. Especially screwing the panel together. The flimsy clear window panels scratched super easy and was cheaper acrylic/ plexi glass material.

I would honestly upgrade this entire design to a better quality plastic and use glass or better acrylic.

Great for hamsters

Got this for my hamster and it’s the perfect size and meets the minimum requirements for a hamster! Very easy to put together and to clean. Hamster loves all the room!


Great space for a Syrian Hamster, looks very nice and well polished. Would recommend putting child locks on the lid to prevent your animal from opening it. The reason I took off a star was because some of the boards do not aline like they should, there is also a weird cutout at the top of the backboard.

Karin vaske
Sahara cage large

I love this cage!!
My gerbils love it .
Looks so attractive!
Super sturdy!
I would order another if I had a place for it !!
Thanks you