O-Ring Syringes

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Exotic Nutrition's O-Ring Syringes are of superior quality with EZ-Glide O-ring silicone gaskets that are super smooth and glide easily.
  • Double O-Ring design
  • Latex free, 100% pure Silicone
  • Slip-Tip style syringes can be used with or without Nipples.
  • Luer-Tip style syringes must be used with silicone or latex nipples (sold separate)
  • Nipples fit all Luer-Tip syringes and the 3 mL Slip-Tip syringes.
1 ml - Suggested for: Baby Squirrels, Baby Sugar Gliders, Opossums, Baby Rabbits and other small mammals - birth to weaning.
3 ml - Suggested for: Small Baby Mammals such as Racoons & Opossums (4 weeks to weaning).
5 ml - Puppies & Kittens 3 weeks and older and larger mammal babies.

DIRECTIONS: When feeding your animal, angle the feeder toward the cheek to prevent choking. Dispense slowly.


Feeding Instructions:

Different animals have specific feeding guidelines and schedules. See our feeding instructions for common exotic animals here.

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6 Pack / 1mL / Luer