Kritter Krawler 7" (Small)

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The Kaytee Run-About Ball is an interactive exercise toy that provides healthy activity for Hamsters, Gerbils, Sugar Gliders and other small animals. Its clear durable plastic composition, complete with ventilated slits, makes it easy to supervise your pet and provide ample air circulation.

  • Clear plastic makes it easy to supervise your pet
  • Slits in the ball allow great ventilation and air flow
  • Encourage healthy exercise in a secure and safe way
  • Makes a great temporary holding area to keep your furry friend while you clean their home

Size: 7-Inch diameter (17.8 cm).

Instructions: Put pet inside. Close and lock lid. Place on floor and watch pet run!

Caution: Supervision is necessary. Never use in direct sunlight, on a table or near stairways. Limit use of this product to intervals of 15-30 minutes maximum then return to their habitat to allow pet to hydrate and rest.

Customer Reviews

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I like that it’s spacious for my sugar gliders but it’s a little stiff to close and open


I personally don’t think this is ideal for sugar gliders. My gliders had a horrible time trying to move around in this ball. It seemed like it would be a good purchase but sadly turned out to be a waste of money. - Makenzie G.
[Response from Seller: Thank you for your review. We’re sorry to hear that your Kritter Krawler is not as expected but we’d be happy to resolve this for you. Please reach out to our friendly customer service team using the link at the bottom of the website for assistance. We hope to hear from you soon!]

Kadance Jorgensen

I think Exotic Nutrition is the best site for sugar glider care, showing cages, travel bags, pouches (for bonding, hanging out, etc), treats, wheels and balls to roll around in, food, powder for health and cal, nesting, cage cleaner, grooming supplies, dishes for food, and much more supplies for sugar gliders, and other exotic animal products made to help people to give their pet proper care! -Kadance J.


Gilders absolutely love running around in them! -Malini C.

Tina R.

My boys love it. -