Sandy Track 12 in. (Black)

$14.95 $13.95
  • Clear Connectors are sold separately - not included
  • Designed only for the Silent Runner Pet Exercise Wheel (12” diameter, black)
  • Safe & easy way to keep your pet's nails trimmed
  • Sandy material is attached directly to the running track of the exercise wheel
  • Conveniently hand-washable and reusable

Pet nails can grow to be long and sharp, which not only can be uncomfortable or even painful to you as an owner, it can also cause your pet to frequently get stuck on fabrics, like pouches or clothing. Nail trimming using clippers can be difficult and may even cause injury to your pet if done incorrectly. Sandy Trimmer Tracks provide a soft, abrasive running surface for your pet while using their exercise wheel. Simply install the sandy track in place of the regular track, it takes only a minute, and your pet’s nails will be naturally filed down as they run. This track is completely safe and will not cause harm or discomfort to your pet if used as instructed. Conveniently hand-washable and reusable.

Instructions: Simply install the sandy track in tyour Silent Runner Pet Exercise Wheel in place of the regular track and your pet’s nails will be naturally filed down as they run. Remove the sandy track and replace with the regular track after 2-3 days (or when nails are filed) and repeat as needed.

Notice: It may be necessary to initially trim pet's nails with clippers then maintain the nail with use of the sandy track.

Maintenance: To clean, rinse with warm water and scrub with a rough brush. Do not submerge in water. Dispose and replace when worn or when sandy material begins to peel off the track (a few times per year).

Materials: vinyl with 60-grit calcium carbonate

Customer Reviews

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Shayane Andersen
Absolutely love it for our Sugar Gliders

We have a few sugar gliders that absolutely love the silent runner wheels, but their nails were getting pretty bad. We can only have the sandy tracks in there for a couple of weeks before we have to switch back to the normal tracks because of how much they use it and how well they work.

Brittney Dunn

In just one use I saw a noticeable difference in my sugar gliders nails! She can get around much easier now without getting stuck in her bed. I’m so happy with this! -Brittney D.

Gordon Holicka

I am very pleased with the products I purchased and so is my guinea pig. -Gordon H.


You have to make sure you change these often or they get dirty and stinky. It really works though to help keep the nails down! One of my sugar gliders uses it and the other doesn’t and there’s a big difference with how sharp their nails are when climbing on you. - Chelsea