Pet Type
No-Mess Press N' Slide Feed Station with Dome
$21.79 $15.95
Exotic Nutrition's No Mess Press N' Slide Feed Station design makes feeding incredibly easy. Simply press the button on the attachment and dish slides out from holder- cleaning and refilling your pets dish has never been so easy! Secure locking bowl eliminates spills and messes. Fits any wire cage, simple...
Press N' Slide Feeding Station
$14.49 $10.95
Exotic Nutrition's Press N' Slide Feeding Station design makes feeding incredibly easy. Simply press the button on the attachment and dish slides out from holder- cleaning and refilling your pets dish has never been so easy! Secure locking bowl eliminates spills and messes. Fits any wire cage, simple no-tool assembly....
Stainless Steel Feed Dish
$5.49 $4.95
• Rust-proof dish easily washes clean for daily use
• Stainless steel is sanitary, strong, & lasts forever
• Strong holder provides a perch for small animals while feeding
• Bolts directly onto wired cage with holder (hardware included)
5 oz: 3 1/8" in diameter x 1 3/4" deep 10 oz: 4"...
Crystal Clear Water Bottle
$4.29 $3.99
Thirsty critters can drink their fill with Exotic Nutrition's Crystal Clear Water Bottle. The extra wide mouth makes it easy to fill and clean. A stainless steel, double ball-point tube and special silicone seal keeps the water in the bottle, not in your pet’s bedding. BPA-free plastic delivers safe drinking...
Glass Water Bottle 12 oz.
$9.95 $8.95
Exotic Nutrition's NEW Thirsty Critter Hanging Glass Water Bottle keeps water fresher and cleaner than standard cups or plastic bottles. The glass prevents residual or airborne bacteria contamination, and all components sterilize safely in the dishwasher. The stainless steel drinking tube and cap is perfect for chewing animals like guinea...
Bottle Brush
$5.95 $5.49
LIXIT Bottle Brush is a multi-purpose pet bottle and tube cleaning bristle brush that helps keep your pet's water supply fresh. This double-sided brush has a small brush at the top of the handle for cleaning tubes and caps, and a wider brush at the end for cleaning deep bottles....
Water Silo
$5.95 $4.95
Exotic Nutrition's Water Silo is specially designed for your pet's well-being. Open-faced water dishes get dirty too easily and water bottles risk getting clogged. Dehydration caused from clogged or defective water bottles is one of the leading causes of sugar glider deaths. Water silos prevent that issue, making free flowing...
Mealworm Feeding Dish
$3.69 $2.95
Lee's Mealworm Dish is a plastic dish perfect to hold Mealworms, Waxworms, and Superworms. Its smooth interior surface and inward-curved rim keeps worms in place.
• Smooth interior surface and inward-curved rim keeps worms in
• Can also be used for veggies, pelleted food, and as a water dish
Best Buy Bowl
$3.99 $1.49
Ideal for small meals, treats, nectars, mealworms and other tiny items! Best Buy Mini pet bowls is a great choice for your pet!
• Made of sturdy plastic
• Stain resistant and dishwasher safe.
• Comes in a variety of fun colors.
Measurements: Approximately 2.5" x 2.5" x...
Ceramic Corner Dish
$11.95 $11.49
Durable ceramic food and water bowl that is great for small animals. Features a hi-glaze finish that is dishwasher safe, lead free, and super sanitary. 6 oz. dish. Comes in assorted colors: green, light blue, dark blue.
Approximate Size: 6.7" long x 4.7" wide x 2.5" high
Slide-N-Lock Crock
$7.29 $7.95
CritterWARE Slide-N-Lock Pet Crock is a secure, chew and stain resistant locking bowl, specifially designed to fit any wire cage and is the perfect height for small pets, such as, for Birds, Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, and other small animals.
• Chew and Stain resistant
• Attaches securely to any...
Clean Feed & Water Cup
$6.95 $5.95
The Clean Feed & Water Cup by PetMate JW makes feeding incredibly easy. The clear plastic shield providing an unblocked, clear view for pets to feel comfortable placing their heads inside. The cup extends from the attachment to keep food inside and prevent messes outside of the cage. This product...
Stainless Steel Fruit Skewer
$8.95 $7.89
Exotic Nutrition's Stainless Steel Fruit Skewer is great for serving fruits, vegetables, and any other foods to your pet. Prevent waste of your pet shoveling items out of a food dish by making them eating from a skewer. Encourage your pet to eat naturally "off of the vine" by using...
Wonder Nipple & Syringe Set
$5.95 $3.95
Exotic Nutrition Wonder Nipple nursing sets contain superior quality O-Ring syringes along with soft flexible silicone Wonder Nipple(s). Ideal for feeding baby Squirrels, Rabbits, Racoons (expanded set), Sugar gliders, Hedgehogs and other smaller baby mammals. • Includes: 1mL Slip-Tip O-Ring Syringe, 3mL Luer Tip O-Ring Syringe, Wonder Nipple Regular.
Wonder Nipple
$13.39 $8.95
Wonder Nipples are soft flexible silicone nursing nipples that fit most 1 mL, 3 mL and 5 mL Luer-Tip Syringes and 1 mL and 3 mL Slip-Tip Syringes along with most baby animal nursing bottles.
• Soft, flexible nursing nipple.
• Available in two sizes: Standard and Large.
• Both...
O-Ring Syringes
$5.59 $3.69
Exotic Nutrition's O-Ring Syringes are of superior quality with EZ-Glide O-ring silicone gaskets that are super smooth and glide easily. • Double O-Ring design
• Latex free, 100% pure Silicone
• Slip-Tip style syringes can be used with or without Nipples.
• Luer-Tip style syringes must be used with silicone or...