HPW Sugar Glider Food

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HPW is a vitamin-enriched diet with a soft, pudding-texture. This diet includes all the major ingredients from the original High Protein Wombaroo diet that is trusted and fed to sugar gliders worldwide. Sugar gliders love the vanilla bean flavoring and ingredients including honey, eggs, bee pollen and ZooPro high protein supplement. Amazingly simple, ready-to-serve out of the jar; no more spending mass amounts of money or time feeding your glider. HPW can be served fresh or frozen into individual servings using ice trays.
  • Moist Sugar Glider Food with mixed vegetables. Smooth rich pudding-like texture.
  • 100% natural - no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • Ready-to-serve vitamin enriched sugar glider diet with vanilla bean flavoring in a soft, pudding-textured form
  • Premium ingredients are cooked together delivering the easy, low-cost, mess-free way to prepare the popular HPW diet

FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS: Offer approximately ½ tbsp of HPW per day, or ½ ice cube if frozen along with a nutritious diet like Glider Complete or Glider Essential (2 tbsp). Adjust the amount to ensure your pet's optimum body weight. Always provide fresh drinking water to your sugar glider.
STORAGE: Once opened, store jar foods airtight in your refrigerator. They will store refrigerated for approximately 7-10 days. Scoop servings into ice tray and freeze if jar will not be finished within 10 days.

Original Honey

Customer Reviews

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Charles Huston

My gliders wouldn't even touch it. We got a jar, opened it, and gave them some every night so it didn't go to waste. I am not saying it's a bad product, just that my gliders didn't like it. -,Charles H.
[Response from Seller: Thank you for your review Charles. We’re sorry to hear that your gliders didn't like the HPW Original. If you'd like tips on introducing this new food to your gliders, please reach out to our friendly customer service team using the link at the bottom of the website for assistance.]


Variety is the spice of life!
But sometimes my suggy's just want the plain old yummy stuff! So I just put a drop of honey in and swirl it. They eat it up every time. I mix this with a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables. And as always I offer fresh pellets . And no matter what they always eat this as well. Thank you Exotic Nutrition for quality products and service. -Linda C.

Tammy L Marlewski

HPW Original - looks disgusting but my little guys enjoyed it! -Tammy L.


My two gliders have always had HPW in their diet, and one has always like it more than the other. But we switched from the powder HPW to this pre-mixed and now both of them love it! -Ava K.


My sugar glider won’t eat this. -Maggie S.

[Response from Seller: Sorry to hear this Maggie. For tips on introducing new foods, please reach out to our customer support team!]