Corner Riser Platform

$19.95 $15.95
The NativeCritter Corner Riser Platform is an all-natural birch wood riser made for small animals such as hamsters, degus, gerbils, rats and mice. This high-rise comes fully assembled with 100% pet safe materials. A great way to increase the cage area and provide a spot for feed dishes or other accessories. It's designed to fit into any pet's habitat to provide the perfect place for climbing. Add a NativeCritter ladder for easy access.
  • A comfortable space for pet to climb
  • 100% safe - No dangerous materials that could harm your pet
  • Made of all-natural untreated kiln-dried birch wood, platform is built to last
  • Designed to fit into any habitat. Screw-in legs for excellent stability.
  • Each Corner Riser comes with two height variations of legs, 5.5" high and 9" high.