Nocturnal Infrared Heat Lamp (Bulb Only)

$13.95 $12.95

This Nocturnal Infrared Heat Lamp (Bulb Only) is the ideal product for heating your pets cage while allowing you to view them in their natural dark habitat. This Nocturnal Infrared Heat Bulb (75 watt) is for use in high humidity terrariums or large size wire cages.

  • Perfect 24 hour non-disturbing light and heat source for all animals.
  • *Requires a 75+W Clamp Lamp*

Directions: Screw the Nocturnal Infrared Heat Bulb into a porcelain clamp lamp. Clamp securely above terrarium screen cover or outside wire cage and plug in. Keep out of reach of children. For indoor use only.

Notice: This is only bulb. For the entire set up, see our , which includes both this Infrared Bulb as well as the clamp lamp fixture. The fixture is also available for separate purchase if you already have bulbs.

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