Grassy Teepee

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The Grassy Teepee is the perfect private place for nesting and resting. This all-natural, edible hideaway is handwoven of natural grasses. Featuring an opening big enough for your pet to climb in but still small enough so he or she can hide. This natural, chewable home is sure to be a hit and provides a good source of fiber for healthy foraging. This hideaway is definitely a fun and safe place to sleep, play or get away! Hideaway also satisfies your pet's natural chewing instincts which helps relieve boredom.

  • All-natural, edible hideaway. Handwoven of natural grasses.
  • Great Source of fiber
  • Satisfies natural chewing instincts
  • Opening big enough to crawl through, but still small enough to be a great hideaway

Measurements: 11" D X 7.5" H

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