Squirrel Nest Box

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In the wild, squirrels like to burrow or nest in hollowed out areas. This Squirrel nest box encourages natural instincts used in the wild, providing a safe & secure place to nest. Fill with nesting material (sold separate). 

  • Dimensions: 8.5" L X 8.5" W X 14" H (2.5" wide entry hole)
  • Suggested for: grey squirrels & Flying Squirrels
  • Chew-proof metal rimmed entry hole. Water-proof exterior finish
  • Hinged lid for easy access inside the box with magnetized closure
  • Slanted roof and underside holes drain liquids and keep the box dry
  • Build in climbing ladder on the exterior for easy access
  • Interior ridges for babies to climb up & out
  • Box mounts sideways onto tree (for easy entry from tree) or can be mounted to a cage interior
  • Add some and watch your pet build a natural nest or provide a warm, fleece to use inside the box!

DISCLAIMER: Durability may eventually be affected by pet urine, feces and other debris. Exterior is coated with water-proof finish. 


Mount the box high on a tree (exterior use) or higher in your pets cage, top corner of the cage (interior use). When used for breeding, mount closer to bottom of cage in case babies come out and need to find their way back.

Nesting animals require a safe place to sleep or nap, preferably one that is quite, dark, and warm. Proper nesting material can help reduce stress levels and increase the quality of sleep your pet is getting, all while optimizing their health.

To ensure your pet's safety, thoroughly inspect cage accessories on a daily basis. Look out for any signs of damage or defects, and replace the accessory if damaged. Make sure that the accessories are securely fastened to the cage and check for any sharp edges or points that could cause harm to your pet. Additionally, we recommend that you regularly clean cage accessories to maintain a healthy and hygienic environment for your pet.

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I love the products customer service is awesome and my little guy loves his nest box