Borneo Shelf & Ladder Set

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The Borneo Shelf & Ladder Kit includes three heavy-duty solid metal shelves and ladders that attach to your pet's Borneo Cage. See options below:

  • Standard Set (Version I)
    • Only compatible with the Borneo Cage (Version I)
    • Shelves measure 39" wide x 12" deep
    • Ramp Ladders measure 19.5" long x 4.5" wide
  • Standard Set (Version II)
    • Only compatible with the Borneo Cage (Version II)
    • Shelves measure 45" wide x 12" deep
    • Ramp Ladders measure 21" long x 5" wide
  • Expander Set
    • Only compatible with the Standard Set (Version II) 
    • Includes (3) shelf expanders - no extra ramp ladders
    • Add (1) Expander Set for every Borneo Cage Add-On unit

These shelves are designed with powder-coated steel material making them super durable, chew-proof, and easy to wipe clean. The shelves attach to the sides of the Borneo Cage with the included hardware. Suitable for a variety of animals such as sugar gliders, squirrels, chinchillas, prairie dogs, degus, or other chewing animals.

    Standard Set (Version I)

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