Corner Shelves

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Exotic Nutrition Corner Shelves are heavy-duty metal platforms that attach to your pet's cage as a perch or climbing platform. These shelves are designed with powder-coated steel material making them super durable, chew-proof, and easy to wipe clean. The shelves have an opened-corner design measuring 5.5" wide, making it easy for pets to access the shelf from the inner corner of the cage. These Corner Shelves are universal so they can work with any cage as long as the cage has 90 degree corners and wire bars to install the shelves. Suitable for a variety of animals such as sugar gliders, squirrels, chinchillas, prairie dogs, degus, or other chewing animals. Hardware included (4 thumb screws and washers).

Measures: 24" (front side) x 11" (back side) x 7.5." (right & left sides)

*May require two people for installation. Place the shelf inside the cage and hold in place where desired. Insert washer onto the end of the thumb screw then insert the screw from the outside of the cage into one of the four designated holes on the shelf. Use the thumb screws to tighten into place. Repeat with remainig hardware.

Net Weight: 4.3 lb. (for both shelves, including packaging)

Shipping box measures 24" L x 7" W x 2" H.

Customer Reviews

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My rats are enjoying the four metal corner shelves very much. They use the corner gap all the time to enter and exit the levels. I replaced a larger shelf in one of the cages with a smaller corner shelf to increase the accessibility for cleaning and arrangement possibilities of their toys. These shelves are very high quality and if ever needed I would buy them again. -Donald C


It fits the cage very nicely and additionally, it’s chew proof. Depending on what animal you’re containing, I’m not too fond of the opening at the corner point as the lack of it makes this more difficult to jump onto from above and also reduces the amount of usable space when the animal prefers to rest on it. -Heather D.


THESE ARE AMAZING. Much needed, and so reasonably priced for the quality. The hardware attachments for the cage siding are ingenious and more cage accessories should adopt this larger toggle style. My squirrel loves lounging on them and bringing his treats up there to enjoy. -Lindsay K.