Mealworm Keeper Live Mealworm Food & Bedding

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Exotic Nutrition's Mealworm Keeper is a bedding and food source for mealworms and other live insects. Providing your insects with a high-quality food source will ensure they are getting the nutrition necessary to stay alive and healthy. To gut load, mix a high-protein food source like Exotic Nutrition's Mealworm Chow with your Mealworm Keeper before feeding.

  • We recommend 1/2 lb Mealworm Keeper per 1000 Mealworms (med) or 1 lb per 1000 Giant Mealworms
  • Bedding and food source for mealworm and other live insects
  • Ensure insects are getting the nutrition necessary to stay alive and healthy
  • Combine with Exotic Nutrition's Mealworm Chow for optimal nutrition
  • Net Weight: 1 pound / 16 ounces

Feeding Instructions: Keep live mealworms in a well-ventilated container. Evenly distribute Mealworm Keeper in the container using approximately 1 cup for every 250 live mealworms to serve as a primary source of food and bedding. Along with Mealworm Keeper, offer raw potatoes or raw carrots to add moisture to the diet. Exotic Nutrition’s Thirsty Cricket is an alternative drown-free water source.

Storing live mealworms in a refrigerator at 45-50 degrees fahrenheit will cause them to go into a dormancy for up to 10 weeks. Remove mealworms from the refrigerator once per week to wake them from their dormant state to eat. Allow mealworms to feed for 24 hours at room temperature, then remove any uneaten raw food and replace bedding before placing them back into the refrigerator for longer storage.

Feeder insects may lose some nutritional value after staying dormant for multiple weeks. It is recommended that you gut load insects 1-2 days prior to feeding so they provide maximum nutrition. Gut loading is the process of feeding insects a diet high in vital nutrients prior to feeding those insects to other animals. To gut load, mix a high-protein food source like Exotic Nutrition's Mealworm Chow with your Mealworm Keeper before feeding. Additionally, you can sprinkle a multivitamin or calcium supplement on insects before feeding to help prevent calcium deficiencies.

Contains: wheat bran

Guaranteed Analysis: crude protein 14.5% (min), crude fat 3.0% (min), crude fiber 12.0% (min).

If breeding, see our or .

1 lb

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Does the job

Keeps mealworms healthy and growing until I feed them to my turtle.

David Rogers

Very good

Jennifer Carathers
Bad batch?

1/3 of my mealworms turned black within a week and died. It was my second batch of mealworms from the same distributor, with the 1st batch having been placed on oatmeal. I don’t know if it was a bad batch of mealworms or a bad batch of bedding, but I won’t purchase again.


A necessary part of a mealworm colony.

Jerry Sword

The last shipment we received seemed very old, turning into bugs or just die. Lots of dead one when I received them about 10% were dead. We did do the 2 day with a cool pack. They went right to the fridge when they got here. I'm getting ready to put another order in, I sure hope they are better.

We’re sorry to hear your mealworms didn't arrive in good condition. If your order was covered under our Live Arrival Guarantee please reach out to our friendly customer service team including pictures of the condition of the worms to request a credit or replacement shipment using the Contact Us link at the bottom of the website for assistance.