Mango & Papaya

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Exotic Nutrition's Critter Selects Mango & Papaya treat provides great variety and flavor! Offer these delicious dried fruit chunks as a treat on top of the regular diet, or placed in a foraging toy to increase exercise and encourage mental stimulation. Watch as your pet goes wild for the sweet and satisfying taste of Mango & Papaya!

  • Tasty, low fat treat for your pet
  • Offer alone or sprinkle on top of favorite foods
  • Ideal for fruit-eating mammals and birds
  • Net Weight: 4.5 ounces / 128 grams

Healthy treats have several benefits for both pets and pet owners. Treats can lend variety to an otherwise monotonous diet, provide good exercise for teeth and jaws, and add behavioral enrichment for animals that spend their lives in a small, limited environment. Most importantly, treats form a connection between pets and pet owners, assisting in bonding and training.


Customer Reviews

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ginger and cinnamon approved!!

my bunnies, ginger and cinnamon loves it. i loved it because it's reasonably priced and most of all, the girlies loved it. thank you!!


Healthy yummy snack my sugar babies love them!!!

Jill S
Mango and Papaya

My first parrot, who is not a fan of fruit and veggie!!, has loved the mango and papaya. I just rescued a second parrot from a horrible situation but now he is also loving this mix and it is so good for both of them. Thank you

Kenneth Hawkins

My sugar gliders love them a lot. That's why I keep buying them from you and I will keep buying them from you. Thank you.


These are like 'Glider-Crack' ! Loves 'em! - Sam B.