Timothy Pellets Rabbit & Guinea Pig Food

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Timothy pellets are a complete pellet ration made from sun cured timothy grass. Timothy pellets are highly recommended by veterinarians, they are a great choice to prevent obesity because they provide higher digestible fiber and are lower in protein content.

  • This diet tastes great and supports digestive motility, these pellets include balanced & essential minerals.
  • Designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of Rabbits, Guinea pigs, and other grass feeding pets


FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS: For optimal results, feed free choice (always available) and provide fresh, clean water.

4 lb

Customer Reviews

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Marcee Nash

Easy to order.. fassst ship A+

Lonnie Williams
Approve would recommend

Rabbits aren’t supposed to eat anything but grasses like Timothy Hay. This is the ONLY thing I’ve found that doesn’t have anything else.

Kiesha Jones
She really likes it

My rabbit gets so excited for these pellets. I can never figure out the right amount to distribute at each feeding because she woofs down 1/4 cup servings so quickly. I do like the packaging but I would prefer a larger size.


The vet recommended these for my overweight bunny. He was put on a diet of his regular pellets, which left him very hungry. These pellets he can eat as much as he likes because they are just compressed Timothy hay. He is now at a healthy weight. He really likes the pellets too. -Theodore H

Wendy Scholz

My little bunny boy has a sensitive digestive track so I had to find something that was more natural with less chemicals. He goes crazy for them and these pellets are a healthy addition to his daily nutrition.