Timothy Hay Plus Marigolds 24 oz.

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24 oz. Marigold Timothy Hay is harvested from the high elevations of the Columbian River basin - an environment with the perfect combination of dry days and cool nights. Experts, who have been farming since the 1920's, hand select hay from the second cutting to ensure the proper ratio of leaf to stem. Once selected, the hay is sheltered to protect it from the elements and ensure that the right green color and nutritional content is maintained. As a final step Kaytee's hay is special cut to increase the ease of feeding. Marigold Timothy Hay is pesticide-free, and aids in the natural digestive process of rabbits and small animals by providing required long strand fiber. Timothy Hay offers natural Timothy Hay blended with all natural health-boosting ingredients- munchy marigolds for antioxidant enrichment! Size: 24 ounces.

Customer Reviews

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Paulette Harper
Needs more dandelion ms in the bag

My chin loves it wish it had more dandilions in it and came in bigger bags

Katherine conn

Thought my be more interested in hay with marigolds in it. Didn't see any marigolds myself. Animals not interested. -Katherine C.


It's ok as grass goes, however, there are no marigolds in it. I found one tiny bud, that's all. Two of my rabbits could care less about it. -Julia J.

Cheyanne Armstead

My rabbit absolutely adores this hay. She can't get enough of it. -Shay A.


The product looks good (I would say it's 2nd cut hay) but my bunny didn't care about it at all :o/ -Isolda G.