Pet Warming Pad (Heat Pad) 20 Watt

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Exotic Nutrition's Pet Warming Pad provides a controlled heating area with balanced temperature distribution to add warmth for your pet. The low wattage is safe for direct touch contact without scalding. Suitable for baby mammals, amphibians, or other non-chewing pets.

  • VERSATILE: Suitable with any glass or metal cage.
  • FUNCTIONAL: Provides ideal 24-hour heat for regulating daily activity, appetite, and metabolism.
  • SAFE: Low wattage, safe for direct touch contact.
  • EASY TO USE: Waterproof and damp-proof, can be used under a tank or vivarium.
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Switch manually between 70℉ to 107℉ (21 to 42 ℃) to reach desired temperatures within short time.

Wattage: 20 Watt

Materials: Made of high-quality nichrome heating wire and great PVC material.

Measurements: 16.5 X 11 X 1/8 Inches

Warning: No automatic shut off. No temperature reader. Do not place in cage with chewing animals. Do not put the unit in or near open water.

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It says deliver yesterday on here but says 2 hrs ago via email. Still don't have my package.