Mealworm Breeder Kit

$29.95 $29.95

Ready to start breeding your own Mealworms? This kit includes the basic starter materials for breeding your own colony of worms (6 week supply).

  • Breeder Box
  • Mealworm Keeper Bedding
  • Mealworm Chow Food
  • Thirsty Cricket, Water Crystals (add water for a drown-free water source)
  • Plastic feeder cup
  • Live mealworms

If temperatures are above 85 degrees we strongly recommend adding a cold pack and opting for an expedited (1-2 day) shipping service. 

    Live Mealworm Guarantee: Worms are insured if a cold pack is added, FedEx Priority Overnight shipping service is selected at checkout and the package is received upon delivery. If overnight shipping is not selected at checkout, the customer assumes all risk with no exceptions. View our full terms.


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