Bonding Scarf

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Exotic Nutrition's Bonding Scarf Pouch from the Hangouts collection is the most stylish and pet-friendly accessory you can wear this winter season! Your pet can snuggle up inside and be on the go with you. The huge inner pouch is 16" x 8", creating plenty of space for your pet. The discrete air holes on the sides allow for ample airflow while the convenient zipper closure provides complete access to your pet. Its durable construction helps ensure pet's safety, comfort, and security. Double layered fleece creates hidden seams which prevent loose threads - the safest option for your pet! Designed for sugar gliders, hedgehogs, prairie dogs, chinchillas, squirrels, rats, degus, hamsters/gerbils, and other small pets.

  • Super soft, double-layered polar fleece material
  • Pet-safe hidden seams to prevent nail snagging*
  • 100% machine-washable for easy cleaning
  • Three small openings ensures ample air flow
  • Spacious design can comfortably hold 1-5 small sized pets

Approximate Dimensions:
Scarf: 20" long x 9" wide (when laid out on surface)
Inner Pouch: 16" long x 8" wide
Air Holes: 0.6" opening
Zipper Opening: 16" long

Instructions: Always supervise pets during use, do not leave pet unattended inside the scarf. Be sure to let your pet out periodically to access food and water. Wipe product clean with a damp cloth or machine-wash as needed. Wash on gentle cycle with cold water then air dry. Regularly inspect for other hazards. Continual use and pet chewing may cause the product to become warn over time. To avoid injury to your pet, discard and replace when you see signs of excessive wear.


Customer Reviews

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Andrew Gillespie
Great, if a little long

I will start by saying that this scarf is fantastic. It’s thick and double lined and soft and made of fleece which is perfect for Sugar Gliders without their nails getting stuck in the material. It also washes easy doesn’t retain liquids and breathes really well, even more so thanks to the 3 well sized, well placed metal air vent rivets.
The zipper on the concealed animal pouch is long and soft edged so nothing is sharp at all. The pouch is also really large and you can easily fit a guinea pig in here or a single ferret. I have even seen this used for birds which is pretty cool.
One added feature, due to how long this scarf is I am easily able to wear is cross body like a sash and use it that way. I may actually use it this way primarily simply because it is so long, as a scarf it’s actually to long, and I am 6’3 so it’s LONG! It hangs down to my belly button it’s so long but sadly isn’t long enough to comfortably double loop around my neck. I would very VERY much appreciate a shorter lengthen version of this same scarf and I know many many other people would as well. I would immediately get 2-3 of the shorter length version if it became an option!! Generally I do see these scarves sold in 3 lengths just for reference. This would be my only suggestion of improvement because it is otherwise so very well made. I am looking forward to cooler temperatures to try this out “in the wild” as they say ☺️

Andrew, thank you for your detailed review of our Bonding Scarf. We are happy to hear that you find the scarf to be fantastic and suitable for your Sugar Gliders. We appreciate your feedback about the length and will definitely take it into consideration for future versions of the scarf. We hope you continue to enjoy using the scarf and we can't wait for you to try it out in cooler temperatures. Thank you for your support!

Krista Gurley
Love it

My little animal absolutely LOVES this thing it is her favorite thing to get into and it’s comfortable to wear and provides plenty of room for my sweet girl.