Colossal Castle Hamster Cage Set

$125.95 $115.99

This is an immaculate home for any pampered hamster. The tight wire spacing and rounded corner design leaves no pinch points. The extra large home has a 6 1/4’’ deep tubby base and features a sturdy 18’’ long and 12 3/8’’ wide platform with twist knob closure and a 14 ½’’ long and 4 ½’’ wide plastic ramp. Comes with Zanzibar Cage, Silent Runner 9" Exercise Wheel + Cage Attachment, hideout, Barrel Roller Toy, Water Bottle (8 oz.) and Small Bowl - $140+ worth of products that you get at this discounted price. Simply add bedding, treats, chews, toys, tunnels, cage cleaner and more.

  • Suitable for Hamsters (Robo, Syrian, Teddy Bear, Dwarf, etc.), Gerbils, and other similar small animals
  • Comfortable access with two large entry points
  • Easy snap-on, snap-off mesh for cleaning
  • Lightweight for easy handling
  • Measures 32 ½’’ long, 19’’ wide and 17 ½’’ high
  • Safe 1/2’’ wire spacing

Pet parents can comfortably access the cage interior through two large entry points – a front door or top, roof, door. Each door measures 12 ¾’’ long and 9 ¼’’ wide and closes securely with a wire latch locking mechanism. Easy snap-on, snap-off mesh is held firmly in place with 6 clips. Lightweight for easy handling. Suitable for any type of hamster. Expertly engineered in the USA with independent lab testing to conform to the highest levels of pet safety.

Proper cages can help reduce stress levels. Thoroughly inspect before use and monitor regularly. Wipe product clean with a soft, damp cloth or use soap and warm water for a more thorough washing. Try Kage Kleen- a gentle but hard working pet-safe cleaner.

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