Pet Type
4-Piece Forest Pouch Set
$49.64 $34.99
Exotic Nutrition's Green Pouch Set combines three of our more popular polar fleece nest pouches into one coordinating bundle, all at an economical price! Your pet will feel right at home with these fun & comfortable pouches. These pouches are made of warm polar fleece material with an easy-access opening...perfect...
Acrylic Forage Wheel
$18.95 $13.79
Exotic Nutrition's Acrylic Forage Wheel is an interactive toy that lets your pet move the rotating dispenser to make food/treats exit. You can place small pieces of dried fruit, insects, or any other special treat inside the wheel-shaped dispenser.
• Attaches to the side or top of your cage with...
Banana Bites
$4.79 $3.49
Exotic Nutrition's Critter Selects Banana Bites make rewarding your critter easy! Offer these tasty morsels as a treat, or place them in a foraging toy to increase exercise and encourage mental stimulation. Watch as your pet goes wild for the sweet and satisfying taste of Banana Bites!
• High protein...
Bamboo Blocks
$5.69 $3.95
Exotic Nutrition's Bamboo Blocks allows your pet to search and find their favorite treats or food. Tuck some yogurt drops or diced dried papaya into the blocks and watch your pet seek and find! Suggested for sugar gliders, rats, ferrets, birds, squirrels, prairie dogs, degus, chinchillas, marmosets and other small...
Blueberry Treat
$5.95 $5.89
Exotic Nutrition's Dried Blueberry Treat offers fresh New England blueberries that are dried and packaged to remain fresh for your pets to enjoy. Dried fruits are the healthy way to offer your pet a treat, now you can easily grab a few dried berries and offer them by hand or...
Boa Fleece Climber
$29.95 $27.95
The Exotic Nutrition Boa Fleece Climber offers your pet endless opportunities for climbing fun within the cage. This pet-safe toy provides exercise while keeping your pet engaged with mental stimulation. Connect the boa to the sides or roof of the cage to offer different opportunities for climbing and fun.
Branch Ladder
$19.95 $18.95
Exotic Nutrition's Branch Ladder is a climbing accessories made from natural, eco-friendly materials. This ladder attaches to any wired cage (hardware included) to provide a place for your pet to perch, walk or climb on. Made with about 11 branch steps spanning 28 inches long. The thick, 3/4" sturdy branches...
Brisbane Cage
$199.95 $171.99
Exotic Nutrition's Brisbane Cage is manufactured with quality materials and experienced workmanship by the world-renowned HQ Cage Company. This cage is constructed of sturdy wrought-iron, making it one of the most durable small animal cages on the market. This cage has a hammer-tone powder coat finish that protects against rust...
Bungie Spring
$8.95 $6.95
Exotic Nutrition's Bungie Spring from the Jungle Canopy Toy collection offers pet’s endless opportunities for climbing fun within the cage. This accessory promotes daily exercise and encourages balance and coordination. The activity bell engages your pet and helps to relieve cage boredom while the cotton rope provides a soft and...
Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae
$4.69 $3.19
Exotic Nutrition's Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) combine beneficial animal protein with nutrient enrichment. The farm-raised black soldier fly larvae have become one of the most popular dried insect options due to their high calcium content in comparison to other insects. Ideal for Hedgehogs, Sugar Gliders, Reptiles, Fish, and other...
Casablanca Cage
$149.95 $126.99
Comfort, safety, and convenient cleaning with Exotic Nutrition's Casablanca Cage. Comes complete with two shelf platforms and ladders to help your pet reach new heights! Chew-proof metal shelves and ladders ensure this cage will last the lifetime of your pet. Your pet will feel right at home with the 6.5"...
Coco Cuttle
$11.39 $10.69
Exotic Nutrition's Coco Cuttle offers pets an intriguing design with chewable calcium-rich cuttlefish bone. This Jungle Canopy Toy will grab your pet’s attention and encourage exploration, play, and foraging habits.
• Primarily comprised of natural coconut, cuttlefish bone and animal-safe hardware.
• Connects easily to cage with one quick-link attachment...
Coconut Accessory Bundle
$42.57 $34.99
Exotic Nutrition's Coconut Accessory Bundle includes a combination of three popular cage accessories, the Coconut Hut, Large Flex Bridge, and Coco Cuttle. These cage accessories offer pets a fun experience while stimulating a natural forest environment. More details including dimensions can be found on each product's individual page.
• A...
Crazy Legs Toy
$5.79 $4.69
Exotic Nutrition's Crazy Legs Toy is an interactive cage accessory for all pets. Allows pets to grab, push or swing the toy to activate the ringing bell. Suggested for sugar gliders, birds, flying squirrels, marmosets, and other small animals.
• Hangs from the top of the cage (hardware included)
Cross Rope
$11.95 $10.95
Exotic Nutrition's Cross Rope offers pets endless opportunities for climbing fun within the cage. This Jungle Canopy Toy provides enrichment while keeping your pet engaged.
Small: Approximately 24” long overall (with plastic end caps), 22” long rope, .75" rope thickness
Medium: Approximately 25” long overall (with plastic end caps), 23”...
Crunchez Apple & Banana Recipe
$4.79 $3.49
The Exotic Nutrition Critter Selects Crunchez Apple & Banana Recipe is an ideal for small pets such as sugar gliders, squirrels, hamsters, and other pets. It won't be long before these fruity pellets become a favorite for your little critter!
• Apple & Banana-flavored treat bites
• Offer alone or...