Brisbane Cage

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Exotic Nutrition's Brisbane Cage is manufactured with quality materials and experienced workmanship by the world-renowned HQ Cage Company. This cage is constructed of sturdy wrought-iron, making it one of the most durable small animal cages on the market. This cage has a hammer-tone powder coat finish that protects against rust for many years. Measures 32 inches wide x 22 inches deep x 38 ¾ inches tall (63 ½ inches tall on the stand) and has 15.8 cubic feet of interior space.


  • NEW MODEL DESIGN: Read more details below.
  • MEASUREMENTS: 32 inches wide x 22 inches deep x 36 inches tall (63 ½ inches tall on the stand).
  • CUBIC FEET: 15.8 ft ³ of interior space, recommended for 2-3 sugar gliders.
  • MAIN DOORS: Two large front doors measuring 10 inches wide x 16 inches tall.
  • COATING: Professionally finished with a powder coat that prevents rust.
  • PULL-OUT TRAY: Both the bottom wire grate and bottom solid tray pull-out for fast cleaning.
  • STEEL LOCKS: Stainless steel locks on the front doors ensure safe containment.
  • SIDE DOORS: Two small side doors measuring 5 ¼ inches wide x 6 ½ inches tall.
  • WHEELS: Caster wheels allow you to easily move the cage for cleaning, or to roll outside.
  • TALL STAND: Stand allows cage to sit high off floor, making pets feel safe. Has solid shelf with 16" of height for convenient food/accessory storage.
  • BAR SPACING: ½ inch bar spacing and 2mm wire gauge designed for small animals like sugar gliders.
  • EASY ASSEMBLE: Assembly is quick and easy, view our helpful assembly video. 

NEW MODEL: Beginning February 2021 Exotic Nutrition's Brisbane Cage offers this  new and improved model. While the overall design is mostly the same, the dimensions have changed slightly and some major differences include: horizontal bars on the side panels, vertical opening side doors, solid metal catch tray, metal caster wheels, pressed metal stand and legs, solid metal shelf below the cage. We no longer offer the older model of the Brisbane Cage.


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