All-Natural Nesting Material

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Provide your pet with a cozy, fun nesting option using All-Natural Nesting Material. The fluffy dye-free material will satisfy your pet's natural burrowing instincts and give them material to build a secure nesting spot.

  • Made from 100% natural Virginia-grown cotton
  • Encourages natural burrowing and nesting instincts
  • Made from a sustainable resource and is recyclable
  • Net Weight: 1.5 ounces

TIP: Small mammals in nature love building nests from a variety of plants and materials. Soft cotton fibers are ideal for providing a safe, warm, and comforting spot for critters to rest and are an excellent addition to cage bedding, providing your pets with a comforting, diverse environment. It's also great fun to watch your critter's nest building antics!

1.5 oz

Customer Reviews

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Very soft


Great material. My squirrel uses it all every time I give it to her. She'll kick out the synthetic stuff and replace it with this. So far so good.


This has been a lifesaver literally for the babies that I rehabbed and my little piglet loves to tear it up and make his little beds in his nesting box it's nice and soft and keeps him warm


Affordable product. Nice and warm nesting material. She used it all immediately.


My 'pet'(rehabbed) squirrel that refuses to leave absolutely loves the bedding fluff I get from Exotic Nutrition. I have bought 2 of the big bags for him, and he spent 2 days re making his beds. My squirrel does not live in a cage, so he had an adventure replacing toilet paper and paper towels and whatever else he found with his new bedding. He now uses all of his beds and hide outs since he put fluff in all of them, where as he didnt use 3 of his beds until he put fluff in them. Now that he knows what fluff is, he gets excited when I open a new bag and starts replacing old fluff right away. But he will 'popcorn' as he does it which makes it funny and cute. It is definitely a must have for any 'pet' squirrel. - Frank J.