3-Piece Rainbow Pouch Set

$48.39 $43.99

Exotic Nutrition's Rainbow Pouch Set combines three of our popular nest pouches from the Hangouts collection into one coordinating bundle, all at an economical price! Made with double-layered polar fleece material with pet-safe hidden seams to prevent nail snagging*. Provide the comfiest and coziest nest pouch for your pet! Ideal for sugar gliders, squirrels, marmosets, and other nesting animals.

Includes: 3-Tier Tower, Cozy Cube, Deluxe Nest Pouch

  • Super soft, double-layered polar fleece material
  • Pet-safe hidden seams to prevent nail snagging*
  • 100% machine-washable for easy cleaning
  • Pouches include durable nylon straps and chew-proof metal clasps for hanging

Polar fleece material is highly recommended for its durability and comfort. Nest pouches can help reduce stress levels and increase quality of sleep for your pet.

Instructions: Hang pouches inside the cage using included hardware. Provide at least 1-2 nest pouches inside the cage at all times. Wipe products clean with a damp cloth or machine-wash as needed. Wash on gentle cycle with cold water then air dry.

*Hidden seams help prevent loose threads. Regularly inspect for other hazards. Continual use and pet chewing may cause the product to become worn over time. To avoid injury to your pet, discard and replace when you see signs of excessive wear.

Customer Reviews

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kevin eleuteri

Tutto bene, prodotti ottimi, peccato per il costo elevato di spedizione e dogana ( ma non è colpa del sito)

Peggy Winters

it is absolute beautiful, and the price was reasonable, but it is worthless to my sugar glider. I finally figured out why she won't use them. This is the only place I have bought nesting pouches that have a hard plastic bottom sewn between 2 pieces of fleece. She wants to sink into her nesting pouches so she is surrounded almost completely in fleece. That is impossible with that hard bottom. .She will only use the one I bought without a hard bottom. -Peggy W.


These products are cute and functional. Love the colorful print. Quick delivery. -Brenda H.

Shannon Gurgui

It was delivered quickly and the quality is excellent , soft with hidden seams , nice vibrant colors. Our babies are so happy with their new snuggly pouches and hammock 😊 -Shannon G.


'-Kim S.