Apple Powder

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Exotic Nutrition's Apple Fruit Flake Powder is made from apple pure that is drum dried into a very versatile powder. This is a human-grade apple powder so you can use it for yourself or for fruit eating pets. The apple powder can be used in the same way as fresh or dried (dehydrated) apples sprinkle it on top of the main diet or mix it with other foods. Fruits like apples are part of most animals' diets but they do not provide a complete & balanced diet. If your pet is not consuming its regular balanced diet, withhold serving until stable eating habits resume.

Dried Apple Fruit Flake Powder Benefits:

  • Full fruit flavor with real fruit inclusion
  • Excellent fat replacer and moisture extender
  • Viscosity controlled by customer for maximum versatility — just add water for easy reconstitution
  • Shelf stable and long lasting in ambient temperatures
  • Easily blended into dough matrix or filling
  • Products can be labeled made with real fruit
  • Low-cost transportation and storage
  • Moisture below 3.5%
  • Generally, use 5-parts water by weight to 1-part powder

Dried Apple Flake Powder Applications:

  • Bakery product fillings or doughs
  • Visual points of identity for cereals
  • Fruit bar toppings
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Sauces
  • Dried salad seasonings
  • Smoothies
  • Fruit drinks and teas
  • Dried fruit snacks
  • Cake mixes
  • Fat substitute
  • Thickening agent

Ingredients: Apples, Calcium Stearate (at 0.5% maximum to prevent caking)

Nutritional Information:

Calories (per/100 g) 383
Calories from Fat 8.0
Ash (g/100 g) 3.258
Fat (g/100 g) 0.9
Saturated Fat (g/100 g) 0.0
Trans Fat (g/100 g) 0.0
Moisture (g/100 g) 2.053
Total Carbohydrates (g/100 g) 91.2
Total Sugars (g/100 g) 52.3
Added Sugars (g/100 g) 0.0
Dietary Fiber (g/100 g) 11.2
Protein (g/100 g) 2.58
Cholesterol (g/100 g) 0.0
Vitamin C (mg/100 g) 31.0
Vitamin D (mg/100 g) <40
Sodium (mg/100 g) 35.7

Potassium (mg/100 g) 1048.1

Calcium (mg/100 g) 36.9
Iron (mg/100 g) 24.2

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