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Exotic Nutrition offers cage covers for a variety of different cages. These covers provide a warm, dark, secure environment for your pet. Many animals, especially nocturnal ones, are sensitive to light; this cover helps dim outside light to provide a dark, peaceful atmosphere. Some rooms are susceptible to drafts and sudden changes in temperature; this cover helps block drafts and keep your pet warm and cozy inside their cage.

  • Form fitted but still provides room for exterior feeders and accessories; covers the entirety of the cage while leaving the stand open for easy access.
  • Front flap separates and lifts back easily over the cage to increase air flow while allowing you to see inside and your pet to see outside the cage.
  • Light-blocking, without restricting air flow.
  • Durable yet lightweight, this contains any mess inside the cage and is a beautiful addition to any room.
  • Easy-to-clean, water resistant material. Stain and wrinkle resistant

Borneo II Cover:  62" tall x 46" wide x 23" deep

Borneo II + Add-On Cover:  62" tall x 69" wide x 23" deep

Brisbane Cover: 33” x 22” x 36”
Madagascar Cover: 24” x 24” x 48”
Congo Cover:  33" x 22” x 54”
4-Level Mansion Cover: 23" x 34" x 47"
6-Level Mansion Cover: 24" x 35" x 68"
Pet Travel Cage Cover: 20.75" X 15.75" X 19.75"

Exotic Nutrition cage covers are the most innovative and easy to use cage cover on the market. The handle at the top of the cover allows it to be easily lifted on and off the cage. Why spend time and effort trying to drape an ill-fitting sheet or blanket over your pet's cage? A sheet or blanket is less durable, harder to wash, isn’t fitted to the cage, and can end up restricting air flow for your pet.

This cage cover is made of 300 denier polyester. To best maintain the shape and quality, we recommend hand-washing or machine-washing only in a separate mesh bag on the delicate cycle, and air-drying. The lightweight, water resistant fabric makes it dry very quickly.


Customer Reviews

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Kristi Lopez
Fits perfect

Does as it says needed for sugar gliders

Robin Martindale
Fits perfectly

Fits perfectly

Elizabeth Gould
Too big :x

A lot bigger then I thought it would be.


It worked for what I needed it for. Great item and