Double Feed Dish

$6.95 $5.95

Durable feed dish with 2 compartments. Allows feeding of fresh foods and dry foods simultaneously, or put nectars in one side and fruits and dry foods in the other.

  • Measures 8 inches long x 2.5 inches wide
  • Two perches in front for easy access.
  • Clips to cage with two hooks.

Customer Reviews

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John Roberts

First off, there is nothing wrong with this feeder that hangs on the side of the cage. My problem is that it is too big. Yes, I knew it was 8' long. It is just much deeper and wider than expected. I only need something about 1/4 this size to hold a little bit of kibble. If you want something to put more stuff into, this will work just fine and I will use it and adjust as necessary. Also, I had to take a bit of plastic off of the cage hooks as they didn't fit between the 1/2' coated-wire dimension. -John R.

Christina Westervelt

These dishes are great. Have been using them for the sugar gliders for a while. They don't flip them over and have plenty of space for variety of foods and juice.

Sarah Duncan

Great product and price, we buy a couple at a time to rotate dishes. Perfect for their frozen cube diet on one side and a fruit/treat on other.