Giant Live Mealworms

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Fresh, healthy, fat feeder worms delivered direct to your door!

Size: Giant (1+ inch long)

If temperatures are below freezing we strongly recommend opting for an expedited (1-2 day) shipping service. 

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    Giant Live Meal Worms

    My local pet store has been out so I found this site online. It was quick shipping and my Bella (fennec fox) loves the worms. They are the same size as the giant ones I get at the pet store and I get more for a better deal. Thank you so much and I’ll be ordering more.

    I also appreciate how quick they got back to me, I ordered large instead of giant meal worms, e-mailed them, and they changed my order for me right away. Thank you again.


    Will be ordering more


    I've ordered here multiple times over the last 2-3 years. A couple times I ordered too small of worms, but the giants have worked perfectly for us. They ship quickly and alive! And the price has stayed the same 🙌
    These have survived a couple of MONTHS in the fridge.. Being out 1 day/wk, before feeding them to my geckos. I LOVE that.
    I only wish they supplied a variety of live insects... Then I'd order strictly from here!

    Garrett Moore

    The worms were not large, and they were dead within 2 days. I dont like leaving neg feedback. But you should know what is going on. The meal worms were described as 'Giant'. They should have been at least 2'. These were maybe 1'. Very lethargic. I put them in the tank I house them in and put a heat lamp over them to warm them a little. Didn't do any good. I'm sorry it didn't work out. Garrett M
    [Response from Seller: Thank you for your review Garrett. We’re sorry to hear that your Live Mealworms were not as expected. The size for mealworms tends to vary across the market, most sellers have different size descriptions so it’s best to check pictures for reference. As stated in our description, our Giant Live Mealworms measure around 1 inch in length, therefore the worms you received were the correct size. If you're looking for 2-inch worms you may be looking for Super Worms, which are a different species (Zophobas morio). Please reach out to our friendly customer service team using the link at the bottom of the website for any additional questions or concerns.]

    Raymond J

    They are not GIANT!!!! They are medium to small. Sorry., - Raymond J.

    [Response from Seller: Thank you for your review, Raymond. We're so sorry to hear that your mealworms did not arrive in the size expected but we'd be happy to address this issue. As pictured, the Giant" sized worms should measure about 1-inch long. If your worms are not at least 1-inch long please email us some pictures of your worms next to a ruler for reference so that we can confirm the error and make this right for you.]"