Hedgehog Home & Starter Pack

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Exotic Nutrition's Hedgehog Home & Starter Pack is perfect for new hedgie owners. This package includes the high-quality Zanzibar Cage (Hedgehog Home), Silent Runner Wide exercise wheel with Cage Attachment, ZooPro Hedgehog Essential food, Hedgie Bugs & Veggie treat, Hedgehog Booster multivitamin supplement, as well as a Hedgie Pouch. You can rest easy knowing your prickly friend is receiving the best nutrition and care. Just add bedding, a feed bowl and water bottle then you're set to go!

Cage Features:

  • Measures 32 inches wide by 20 inches deep by 16 ½ inches tall (6.11 ft³ total)
  • Large front door measuring 13 inches wide x 9 inches tall.
  • Removeable cage top allows for fast and easy cleaning.
  • Wired frame made with durable welded steel.
  • Lightweight for easy movement through your home.
  • Safe ½ inch bar spacing designed for hedgehogs.
  • Assembly is quick and easy, no tools needed.
  • Bottom of the plastic tubby base measures 28 inches wide by 15.5 inches deep by 6 inches tall.

Customer Reviews

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Kylie Suda

My hedgehog loves this cage. He is a baby and I originally had him in a large bin where he mainly just hid. The second I got him set up in this cage he began running around, playing, eating treats, etc. He seems to feel much safer in it since the walls of the bottom are high and dark I believe he feels more private, which as prey animals makes them feel safer. It is a great size and is super easy to set up and carry around. It also came within 3 days which was great! -Kylie S.

J. Butz

This setup is perfect. The Barron's Hedgehog book is so informative (sold separately). It’s hard finding information on hedgehogs. The cage is strong and not very hard to put together. Its a great buy for the price. I look forward to being a long time customer. -Kathi C.


I am really happy with this whole set up! The cage is excellent quality and the wheel is so cool. My hedgie was still in a small tank and I couldn't take it any longer because he's such an active little guy. I knew that he needed space to play. I set up the whole cage quite easily including the wheel and my little guy absolutely loves it. He runs all around in it and he's on his wheel for long periods of time. There's enough room for him to sleep play eat and use the bathroom and explore. I highly recommend this set because it basically comes with everything you need. Its definitely hedgie approved! -Jill P.


I have had my Hedgehog for a little over a month. I started out with a 20 gallon tank she quickly grew out of. I found this bundle searching for Hedgehog cages for hours. This is the perfect set up for a growing hedgie. The running wheel is giving her lots of exercise and is very quiet ( it took a little adjusting - but once it's on right works great). Also - the customer service is outstanding. The cage was missing a clip but I emailed them to get it and it arrived very quickly... And even though it was missing- the design is so well done, it didn't effect it. The quality is a 10. Thank you exotic nutrition ♥️. -Nancy H.

Mariah Goldsmith

This wasn't really a starter kit for us but more of an upgrade for my cactus hamsters! Has great amount of space. My hedgehog loved it when I moved him into it. Bought a second to have for my other hedgehog and she actually got out and about also! Very easy to assemble. Plenty of space for toys and food bowls and thier hideout logs with room to spare. It was delivered very fast. The treats and food are a big hit with both of them. I would definitely recommend to someone who wants to get a hedgehog or upgrade thier hedgehogs living space. -Mariah G.