Hedgehog Starter Pack

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Exotic Nutrition's Hedgehog Starter Package comes with five essentials you need to care for your new pet hedgehog - food, vitamins, treats, hideout, and exercise wheel. Just add Dishes & Bottles, and Bedding, and you are all set! Ships for free!

  • (Cage Attachment, AutoClean Track, & Sandy Track sold separately)
  • (multivitamin)
  • Hedgie Pouch

Hedgehog Essential - ZooPro Hedgehog Essential hedgehog food is a highly palatable meat based high protien food with nutrient-rich whole eggs & chicken along with the proper vitamins and mineral levels to form a nutritionally balanced food.

Silent Runner Wheel - The Silent Runner dual ball bearing design ensures the wheel runs smooth and quiet, "things roll quieter than they slide". The axle-free construction eliminates the dangerous center axle that many pet running wheels have, reducing the risk of spine injuries. Pet-safe stand, built to last. Cage Attachment, AutoClean Track, and Sandy Track sold separately.

Hedgehog Booster - This supplement delivers vitamins and minerals along with live saccharomyces yeast for your hedgehog's digestive track. It helps ensure they are receiving the overall necessary nutrition for healthy development. Sprinkle lightly on food daily.

Hedgie Bugs & Veggie Treat - Tasty and nutritious treat. Contains protein-rich dried insects and nutritious vegetables. Fortified with vitamins and minerals.

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