Medium Live Mealworms (1/2")

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Fresh, healthy, fat feeder worms delivered direct to your door! Size: Medium (1/2")

If temperatures are above 85 degrees F we strongly recommend adding a cold pack and opting for a FedEx (1-2 day) shipping service. 

    Live Mealworm Guarantee: Worms are insured if FedEx Priority Overnight shipping service is selected at checkout and the package is received upon delivery. If overnight shipping is not selected at checkout, the customer assumes all risk with no exceptions. View our full terms.

    500 Pack

    Customer Reviews

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    Laura Raynor

    Mealworm always arrive healthy and alive. Excellent!! My 3 sugar gliders love 'em. And always a favorite for the bearded dragon and leopard gecko.

    Lori Elliott

    Second time purchasing the meal worms can't wait to order again

    Patricia P.
    They were larger than expected a good full 1/2 inch.

    All of my orders the past couple of years have been more than satisfactory.
    I am feeding the bluebird family that has taken up residence in our yard.
    They have been coming to our bluebird box the last 2-3 years. We feed the smaller worms as they bring the babies to the worm box and feed them there.

    Lou Barron
    They were great

    Got hear fine

    Christine Schreiber
    My baxk yard Robin Pair LOVE these !

    My back yars bug eating birds absolutely love these. I have gotten a particular female robin (she & her mate has a fledgling) to associate me with freding her. She will dlt to me (to the ground a few ft away) to show me she is nearby and ask for more. I meed to order more vefore running out again. I hate not having any to gove her or the orher (two mockingbirds) birds who also like being fed these by me.