Borneo Cage (Version II)

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The NEW & UPDATED Borneo Cage (Version II) from Exotic Nutrition is crafted with the highest quality materials and outstanding workmanship, featuring 38 ft cubic space, removable wired floor grates over the catch trays, four locking side access doors, and full-length front doors with stainless steel locks. Pull-out catch trays make cleaning a breeze. This cage is perfect for sugar gliders, chinchillas, squirrels, rats, marmosets, birds (Parakeets, Conures, Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Finches), Old-World Chameleons and other small pets. Best of all ... this cage is expandable! You can purchase additional add-on sections to increase the size. 

  • Borneo Cage measures 62" tall x 46" wide x 23" deep 
  • Each Add-On unit will make the Borneo Cage 23" wider
  • Shelf & Ladder Sets available for separate purchase
    • Shelves measure 45" wide x 12" deep with openings 9" x 5"
    • Ladders measure 21" long x 5" wide
    • Expander set can only be used with the Borneo Add-On + Shelf & Ladder Set
  • ½” bar spacing and heavier gauge wire
  • Features 2 large (full length) front doors for complete access
  • Pet-safe powder coating to prevent rust
  • Removable catch trays & grates for easy cleaning (locks into place)
  • Sturdy Industrial strength rolling caster wheels for easy mobility
  • Quality materials and experienced workmanship
  • Wire Gauge: 2.5mm (horizontal) & 4.0mm (vertical)

    Customer Reviews

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    Kelly Hammond
    Borneo II

    I bought 3 cages for my parrots. I am quite pleased with the integrity of the cages so far. Assembly went well but it does need 2 people, which is expected for the size of the cage. The finish is smooth with no sharp coating lumps that I often find on other powder coated cages. The wheels also work very well and it is easy to move the cages around. I removed the bottom grill to allow for foraging in the tray and the gaps are still small enough to keep my birds contained. I also love the fact that the bar spacing is small enough for small-med sized birds. It is very hard to find large cages with small bar spacing.
    Cons: 1) Upon arrival all three cages had bent support bars down where the grate and tray sit. There is no way to straighten them. Now only places the grates and tray are supported are where the bent bars make contact with the center divider. 2) On all the cages the left door does not sit level the way the right door does. You have to lift it slightly to get the latch to lock. 3) The bars are strong enough to resist bird chewing or casual bending but not quite strong enough for some longer or heavier perches. I had to make sure heavier perches were mounted as close to the vertical cross supports as possible to prevent the horizontal bars from bending and the perch from drooping.

    Lauren Seigel
    Borneo cage

    Good quality cage pretty easy to build I did it by myself took some balancing at first.

    The boxes were shipped separately and I wasn’t aware of that at first. There is no phone numbered to contact, but the email support responded fairly quick to tell me then that the boxes were shipped separately.

    All in all I’m very happy with the cage for the price. It’s a mansion for my 2 green cheeks and would fit a larger bird quite nicely especially with the extension.

    Great cage. Some complaints though...

    I have 4 sugar gliders. They were in a big walk in pvc cage I built that was 6' x 3' x 6'h. There was no finding a cage that big that was safe for sugar gliders. This is a close second. It is big and hard to put together for 1 person but it's doable. I like the full length doors and sturdy locks. The pull out grates & trays are nice (wish the handles on the trays were the same color as the cage, but i can look past that). Bar spacing is good 1/2". The cage is sturdy and well built. For this size cage you couldn't get much better. You have plenty of room to make a nice play ground for your critters and big doors to access the whole cage easily. The little side doors are nice and have a strong hold when closed so there will be no escapees. The wheels roll nicely on the hardwood floor. Though it would be a pain to drag it outside to hose down you could easily do a scrub down indoors and get inside the cage if need be.

    1. This is the biggest and mosy important. There are 24 holes where the screws go that gliders can get their toes stuck into. They should either be closed off so the screw ends don't stick through or have plugs to close those holes. I will be finding something to seal those to prevent any injuries.

    2. It would be great if the large doors had handles. It makes it a little difficult having to grip the lock or stick your fingers through the bars to open the doors.

    3. One of the screw holes was not completely drilled through. On one bar the entry hole was there but the back hole was not. I had to drill through it to complete the cage. Please make sure all cages are properly ready for assembly.

    4. I love that you can get add ons for the sides but I wish this was at least 1 foot taller. Gliders like to be up high and this cage doesn't have add on to make it taller.

    Overall very good cage with 1 major and a few minor issues in my opinion. My gliders are going to be very happy when they move into it. Can't wait to watch them go crazy over their new home. Interested to see how long this will hold up for. Hopefully for many years!

    Just please fix the screw hole problem so no critters get any injuries!

    EDIT: If I may make a suggestion. You could send the proper sized hole plugs with the cage to cover them?

    Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a detailed review of our Borneo Cage (Version II). We are happy to hear that overall, you are satisfied with the cage and that your sugar gliders will have plenty of space to play and explore. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the screw holes and the lack of handles on the large doors. We will definitely take note of these issues and work towards finding a solution for future versions of the cage.

    Best Cage I Own

    Never have I ever opened a brand new cage to find such immaculate condition. Beautifully free of defects, everything was so much lighter than I expected for the size! (Unboxed, anyway. I took it upstairs a few panels at a time). It's the neatest, sturdiest, most spacious cage I have, with the bonus of smooth mobility. It was incredibly easy to assemble, I only needed someone to support it as I drilled everything into place.
    It's also spacious enough for two or three of me to fit inside, and that's without the extension. My birds are well spoiled.

    S.T., thank you for taking the time to leave such a positive review for our Borneo Cage! We are thrilled to hear that you are impressed with the condition, sturdiness, and spaciousness of the cage. We take pride in providing high-quality products and it brings us joy to know that our cage has exceeded your expectations.

    Jeremy Coombs
    Good cage would have been 5 star but the shipping and duty cost was crazy. And it was missing parts

    Some of the holes were not drilled out. Some of the threads were missing as well. I had to drill my own holes and go buy nuts and bolts to make it work. Completely unacceptable for the cost of the cage and shipping. If you live in Canada I would not order this. The shipping cost is crazy and then you get charged duty to get it across the boarder. Insane but my sugar gliders have a lot of room now.

    Jeremy, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for our Borneo Cage (Version II). We apologize for any inconvenience you experienced with the smissing parts. We understand that this can be frustrating. If you still need assitance please reach out to our customer service team.