Borneo Cage (Version II)

$399.95 $365.99

The NEW & UPDATED Borneo Cage (Version II) from Exotic Nutrition is crafted with the highest quality materials and outstanding workmanship, featuring 38 ft cubic space, removable wired floor grates over the catch trays, four locking side access doors, and full-length front doors with stainless steel locks. Pull-out catch trays make cleaning a breeze. This cage is perfect for sugar gliders, chinchillas, squirrels, rats, marmosets, birds (Parakeets, Conures, Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Finches), Old-World Chameleons and other small pets. Best of all ... this cage is expandable! You can purchase additional add-on sections to increase the size. 

  • Borneo Cage measures 62" tall x 46" wide x 23" deep 
  • Each Add-On unit will make the Borneo Cage 23" wider
  • Shelf & Ladder Sets available for separate purchase
    • Shelves measure 45" wide x 12" deep
    • Ladders measure 21" long x 5" wide
    • Expander set can only be used with the Borneo Add-On + Shelf & Ladder Set
  • ½” bar spacing and heavier gauge wire
  • Features 2 large (full length) front doors for complete access
  • Pet-safe powder coating to prevent rust
  • Removable catch trays & grates for easy cleaning (locks into place)
  • Sturdy Industrial strength rolling caster wheels for easy mobility
  • Quality materials and experienced workmanship
  • Wire Gauge: 2.5mm (horizontal) & 4.0mm (vertical)

    Customer Reviews

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    Marjorie Fourtunia
    Perfect For sugar gliders

    I have the version one and version two cage. I absolutely love them. I love the version two more though. It’s roomy and big, easy to get in and out of for cleaning, and setting up. It doesn’t rust like the DCN cage, and bigger than the DCN. Putting it together, there was a little bit of a challenge with a couple of screws, but we made it work. It rolls around easy and it’s sturdy. I like that the version 11 has the slide out tray as the version 1 trays sits inside the cage. So therefore, version 11 is better. But I love both. Waiting for the cage version o come back in stock so I can order another. My suggies looooves these cages.

    Big cage quite a few odd problems.

    I purchased this cage in September and put it together in October 2023 and have been using it for 6 weeks. I have rehabilitating squirrels that I keep in this cage.
    -its big
    -Quality parts
    -Easy to move
    -bottom tray slides out and is very good quality. makes for easy clean-up

    -The cage has 4 side doors that lock via sliding panels that pinch into the bars. You would think this would make feeding easier, but the squirrels I have follow me to the side doors, and now it's a battle to not crush their fingers when opening or closing the side doors. Understandably, not everyone will have this issue, but is a prevalent issue for me.
    -Assembly wise my box came with multiple panels labeled C while missing D panels. The panels were correct but made assembly annoying since the labeling was wrong.
    -the front locking mechanisms.
    1. The locks will not line up when fully locked so some will face up and some will face down. While this is a very minor detail it drives me nuts and has me checking the doors multiple times.
    2. The actual mechanism to lock the doors is a small metal piece that locks into maybe 1cm long metal piece. This is a big issue because of how small it is when the temperature fluctuates in my house, opening windows in the same room or turning on the air the door locks will start to stick. Even with remounting the locks and adjusting the distance it still sticks and has begun to shave a tiny bit of the small metal lip and I question the longevity of the locks.

    Response from Seller: Thank you for your review. We’re sorry to hear that there were some difficulties with your product. We are glad to hear that you were able to resolve them. If you have any other questions or concerns, please reach out to our customer service team using the link at the bottom of the website.


    I love it, larger than expected, but fits perfect and my gliders love it too

    Kimberly Ciancetta
    Perfect cage

    Full access is the key. My Senegal parrot loves her set up!

    Peace of Mind

    I rehabilitate squirrels and this cage is absolutely perfect. I assembled the cage solo, the tricky bit is the initial two screws for the back panels, I just leaned the cage against my bed evened out the holes from there it was cake walk, but the instructions are actually geometrically inaccurate. D panel must be installed on the back left side, not back right as the instructions show in step 1. Even though it appears on the "left," when you flip it around for step 2 it should then be on the right side, but it cannot be installed properly that way.

    Regardless, I figured it out, and I really really like the cage, the flooring isn't unethical as another review claims. That reviewer obviously took the chance on the grated floor which is clearly shown in the purchasing details. Now I can focus on my own creative endeavors when they are in their play area. Which by the way, the side panels opening are effing amazing as I've hooked one up to a tunnel system I made for them so they can go from play to sleeping cage.

    Amazing product, 0 chewable parts, would go through the whole process of assembling solo more times for my little beauties just getting to see how much fun they were having with all the stuff I loaded in there, I sat and watched them for two hours with my girlfriend had lots of laughs, heartfelt moments and pics. Already got my money's worth on Day 1.