Starter Pack for Sugar Gliders

$79.95 $64.99

Introducing Exotic Nutrition's Starter Package for Sugar Gliders – your all-in-one solution to kickstart your journey into caring for these adorable companions. Our thoughtfully curated package includes everything you need to ensure your sugar glider thrives, right from the start.


  • ZooPro Glider Essential 1.75 lb. : A specially formulated, high-protein diet featuring nutrient-rich whole eggs, vitamins, and minerals to keep your glider healthy and happy.
  • Silent Runner PRO Wheel 12 + Cage Attachment: Say goodbye to noisy, unsafe wheels! Our Silent Runner wheel boasts axle-free construction, reducing the risk of spine injuries and ensuring your glider gets safe exercise.
  • Instant-HPW Honey & Fruit 8 oz. : A powdered sugar glider diet that transforms into a fresh, vanilla bean-flavored food when mixed with water – a delicious treat your glider will love.
  • Garden Fresh Re-Hydrate 10 oz. : Low-fat and calcium-rich, this supplement food is packed with dried vegetables and fruits to enhance your glider's nutrition.
  • Feed Dish & Water Bottle: Convenient feeding and hydration solutions for your glider's daily needs.
  • Deluxe Nest Pouch: A cozy retreat for your glider to snuggle up and rest in, available in a variety of colors to suit any style.

Suggested Feeding: Offer Glider Essential free choice along with Garden Fresh Re-Hydrate and Instant-HPW. Limit fruits & vegetables to 25% of the diet. Adjust the amount fed to ensure your pet maintains optimum body weight. The Re-Hydrate can be mixed with the HPW, or soaked in water or fruit juice (no sugar added) to offer a softer diet. Always provide multiple sources of bottled drinking water in the cage.