Sturdy Nest Box

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In the wild, small animals like to burrow or nest in hollowed out areas. This box encourages natural instincts used in the wild, providing a safe & secure place to nest.

  • Suggested for: grey squirrels, ground squirrels, medium-sized birds, and colonies of sugar gliders
  • Mimics the natural nesting techniques exercised in the wild
  • Top opens on a hinge for easy access for easy cleaning and to view or remove your pet.
  • Attached hardware (included) allows for easy mounting to any cage.
  • Add some and watch your pet build a natural nest or provide a warm, fleece to use inside the box!

DISCLAIMER: This product is made of untreated kiln dried pine wood— it is not water-proof or weather-proof. Durability may eventually be affected by pet urine, feces and other debris. If purchasing for outdoor use, we recommend using DEFY wood stain or a simlar product to help protect against water damage, mold and mildew.

Our suggestion is to mount the box higher in your pets cage, top corner of the cage is ideal. Make sure your pet can always easily enter the box by setting up a wood platform below, or mount next to side of cage. The wooden post will come detached inside the box and can be inserted into a pre-drilled hole at the front of the box. We suggest using super glue to permanently mend the post into place. When used for breeding, mount closer to bottom of cage in case babies come out and need to find their way back.

Nesting animals require a safe place to sleep or nap, preferably one that is quite, dark, and warm. Proper nesting material can help reduce stress levels and increase the quality of sleep your pet is getting, all while optimizing their health.

To ensure your pet's safety, thoroughly inspect cage accessories on a daily basis. Look out for any signs of damage or defects, and replace the accessory if damaged. Make sure that the accessories are securely fastened to the cage and check for any sharp edges or points that could cause harm to your pet. Additionally, we recommend that you regularly clean cage accessories to maintain a healthy and hygienic environment for your pet.


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