Sweet Potato Treat

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Critter Selects Sweet Potato treat is harvested fresh from local farms, washed, diced, then dehydrated into a crunchy supplemental food for your critter to enjoy. This irresistible snack is rich in antioxidants and satisfies your pet's natural chewing instinct. Ideal for chinchillas, guinea pigs, rabbits, prairie dogs, rats and other small animals.

Healthy treats have several benefits for both pets and pet owners. Treats can lend variety to an otherwise monotonous diet, provide good exercise for teeth and jaws, and add behavioral enrichment for animals that spend their lives in a small, limited environment. Most importantly, treats form a connection between pets and pet owners, assisting in bonding and training.

INGREDIENTS: Dehydrated Sweet Potato

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: Crude Protein (min) 4.0%, Crude Fat (min) 0.10%, Crude Fiber (max) 7.0%, Moisture (max) 7.0%

FEEDING DIRECTIONS: Offer alone as a treat, in foraging toys, or mix with a regular diet for added variety. Serving size will vary based on animal species and weight.

STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry place (below 70 degrees F). If storing for more than 4 weeks, keep refrigerated for guaranteed freshness.

This product is a treat and should be fed sparingly, it is not a substitute for a regular, balanced diet. A balanced diet for herbivores consists of 70% grass hay, 20% fortified pellet, and 10% other grasses and treats. Offer treats only a few times per week or as a small portion of the main diet. Treats may lead to health issues when fed in excess. If your pet is not consuming its regular balanced diet, withhold serving treats until stable eating habits resume.

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Carolina Benavides


Sweet potato treat

Good for many herbivores

My degus love them!

Degus are said to love sweet potatoes, so I tried this treat - they go crazy for it! I had one get loose in the house and put a little dish of this treat in the humane cage - it was tripped before I left the room! Wish you carried in a larger size.


I have a 6 week old Douglas squirrel rescue and I purchased the Squirrel starter kit w the house!! Love it!!! I bought a few different treats too. He really seems to like the sweet potato treats! They’re gone from his bowl every time I go to add more. -Mary D

Charity S Alcott

Seems like a good quality treats, I loved the 1-single ingredient and other nutritional content that this product consists of, but my rats (all 5 of them--4 babies will typically eat just about anything...) didn't bother to even try them on several occasions, but maybe they were just not for my girls...? -Charity A.

[Response from Seller: Thank you for the review Charity. I'm sorry to hear that your rats didn't like these particular treats, sometimes the fun (and pain) of having non verbal dependents means trial and error, which is why we try to provide such a variety of treat" sized options. I'm sure you will be able to find something they love!]"