Treadmill Wheel

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The Exotic Nutrition Treadmill Wheel is the ultimate exercise wheel for your furry friends. It's made of durable metal and designed specifically for chewing animals like chinchillas, prairie dogs, degus, squirrels, and rats. This chew-proof metal wheel is finished with a non-toxic powder-coated finish which makes it incredibly sturdy and safe for your pets. With ball-bearings, it provides a virtually silent spin, making it perfect for late-night workouts! The saucer shape of this wheel ensures that your pet's spine is protected and they won't suffer from any injuries that can be caused by a traditional circular wheel. This wheel is also compatible with Exotic Nutrition's Sandy Trimmer Strips (sold separately), which can be stuck to the wheel for nail trimming. Give your pets the ultimate exercise experience!

14" Size Ideal for: Chinchillas, Prairie Dogs, Male Rats, Grey Squirrels, Male (larger) Hedgehogs
11" Size Ideal for: Degus, Hamsters, Sugar Gliders, Female Rats, Flying Squirrels, Female (smaller) Hedgehogs

11'' Black

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Patty D
Spin like a record, round round!

Wasn’t sure if my 10 yr old chin was going to like it since he’s spent so many years on a wheel. We split our cage to welcome a female chin into the family, so she got the wheel since he didn’t spend much time in that part of the cage and ordered a saucer. Well, he took to it easily! The motion does make the saucer move in the cage and was scraping the cage, so I added a small rectangular ceramic dish as a spacer and voila! Silent running through the night! A sturdy and great product! Quick delivery too.


It works great for my gerbils! Love that it's all metal too!

Silent Disc

My chins loved this wheel. Glad I got it. They love this and their normal wheel. All I can hear are some pitter patter of feet but the wheel itself makes no noise.

Deborah C. Beltzer

Hi! :) love the wheel! is there a safe way to keep it from sliding around in the cage? Thank you -Deborah C. B.

[Response from Seller: Thank you for your review Deborah. We’re glad to hear that you love the Treadmill Wheel. If the wheel is resting on a smooth surface it might slide around, but to help it stay in place you can add cage bedding or some fleece beneath the wheel, or Velcro strips to the bottom, or you can use zip-ties to ensure it stays in place. We hope this information helps!]


My degus love these things. Completely metal so there is no way for them to get chewed up. This is the second one of these I have bought because I bought another cage as well. My only complaint this time was the bearing system on the inside was loose and we had to fish them out and put it back together which wasn’t exactly easy. I don’t know if this issue was due to rough shipping and lack of packaging or if it happened when it was made, but we managed to get it back together. But still it’s a great product and a definite must buy. -Ashley M